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Data base for app developers

MongoDB is a cross-platform software that stores document-based data and allows developers to manipulate documents into functioning products.

Data based storage made easy

Try MongoDB without getting implicated in payment plans. The software offers a free version for personal use, based on open source.

Program your data to function the way you want it to, with MongoDB. The software is general purpose and opens up a world of possibilities for developers who want flexibility.

Store your data in JSON-like documents for an easy way to read your data. MongoDB differs from other developing software because it chooses to display data in a document format. View and edit your data in the most productive way, with less of the traditional rows and columns making the interface messy.

Search for any field, range or expression query, no matter how deep in the document it is. Choose how you want results to appear. MongoDB can bring up results for JavaScript functions that you implemented in the document, or show you fields of selected text with your query.

You can also compose queries seamlessly, as they are all made up of JSON documents. This lets you work efficiently, without having to generate SQL queries from scratch. Save yourself time and work smarter to create the same product, with less hassle.

MongoDB offers a free version for personal use, based on open source. If you want to use the software for your company, try their enterprise version. It entails all the same features but with more administrative privileges.

A negative aspect of MongoDB are the security concerns. The default setting of the program is open for anyone to access the database. This means that data can be accessed and even stolen from developers and enterprises, although by toggling the options, this can be averted.

MongoDB also allows for ACID transactions, but there are occasionally bugs that can make the program difficult to use. If a transaction is left open for longer than 60 seconds, the software automatically cancels it, which can be inconvenient. There are also cases of the software rolling back changes made to a query or specific data set, meaning the developer has to start over again.

Where can you run this program?

This program can be run on Windows Vista and later, Linux, OS X 10.7 and later, and Solaris.

Is there a better alternative?

This software is trusted and used by many prominent companies, so there’s no better alternative. If you want a more traditional developer program, however, try Microsoft SQL Server.

Our take

MongoDB is undeniably a powerful resource for developers and businesses. It offers flexibility and ease of use. The encryption options are a slight negative, but they can be changed to maximize security and let developers carry on innovating.

Should you download it?

You should download MongoDB if you want an easier solution to developing and programming your data. It provides all the functions you need in a simple interface, and its open-source version makes it a great economical choice.


  • Available in free and enterprise versions
  • Can handle large amounts of data
  • Cloud storage service
  • Easy to use


  • Lack of security
  • Changes can be rolled back without warning
  • Only available in English

MongoDBfor Windows

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