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VisuStella is a circle of indie game developers focused on the JRPG genre and creates various resources that they then share with the community. The VisuStella Sample Project is one example that contains various elements for game creation in this development engine.

Endless assets available

This is the ideal starting point for new developers working in RPG Maker, giving endless customization options to the community completely free of charge.

VisuStella Sample Project was initially founded by three developers under the names Archeia, Marimo, and Yanfly. It’s packed with assets to facilitate game creation, from a multi-purpose character generator to originally-created tilesets for RPG environments.

Apart from the general-purpose assets, you can access numerous RPG Maker-specific ones from the massive engine library. Some serve to fix bugs in the code, and others create battle sequences, movements, and events. You’ll also find tools for editing your user interface practically and aesthetically.

The free collections also include custom tilesets for outside and inside environments and dungeons, core engine plugins, and other game-related essentials. They’re all free and simple to use thanks to the developers’ YouTube channel detailing their application.

Once you download the package, you will find the plugins in a dedicated folder. Open the Plugins Manager folder in RPG Maker and select your desired plugins.

After you install them, save your project; you’ll be able to apply them seamlessly. Remember to follow the tier hierarchy as you introduce them to your game to avoid performance issues.

Where can you run this program?

You can run this program on Windows 7 and newer versions.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This project is the most comprehensive bundle of tools to aid game development. If you need more resources, Visual Novel Busts Plugin, CyberPop - Interior Tiles, and Unison Attack Plugin could all be handy places to look.

Our take

While the support for people using these resources could be better, it’s an impressive collection of tilesets, plugins, and core engines to aid any developer in game creation.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re creating a new game and don’t want to build everything from scratch, the Sample Project will facilitate the process quite a bit. It definitely has some potential for growth and adoption from the game development community.

VisuStella Sample Projectfor Windows


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