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Gothic Open-World Survival - V Rising

V Rising is a video game that takes you into a large, mysterious world. As a vampire just waking up, you need to survive, build your strength, and explore a land full of dangers and opportunities. The game focuses on staying alive, making smart decisions, and exploring a world filled with supernatural elements. It is available on Steam and if you have a Windows system, you can enjoy it without a hiccup.

V Rising gameplay features

V Rising has several key features that make the game interesting and fun to play:

  • A Gothic Open-World: You’ll explore a big world with forests, caves, and other places, each packed with resources and dangers. Here’s what to expect:
    • Travel through different areas that are full of adventure.
    • Meet various characters that add to the vampire story.
  • Fear the Light - Rule the Night: As a vampire, you have to be careful of the sunlight because it can destroy you. You need to use the night to your advantage, which involves:
    • Moving and acting under the cover of darkness.
    • Staying away from the sun to keep safe.
  • Raise Your Castle: Building your own castle is a major part of the game:
    • Collect materials and learn secrets to make your castle better.
    • Customize your place and get ready to defend it from other vampires.
  • Compete or Cooperate: You can choose to play by yourself or with others:
    • Team up with friends to discover and conquer new areas.
    • Play against other players, using strategy and teamwork.
  • Master Your Vampire: Develop your character by learning to use different weapons and magic:
    • Fight in real-time battles where you control every move.
    • Choose the right skills to match how you like to play, from being sneaky to being bold.

Can I play V Rising solo?

Yes, V Rising lets you play alone or with friends. If you want to play by yourself, you can select the 'Private Game' mode. This lets you control your own game world and invite friends if and when you choose.

How long does it take to beat V Rising?

How long you spend playing V Rising depends on what you want to do:

  • Main Objectives Only: It takes about 39 hours to finish the main goals.
  • Complete Exploration: If you want to see everything the game offers, you might spend about 81 hours.

This means the game can accommodate different playing times and styles, whether you want to rush through or take your time exploring everything.

V Rising offers a rich and thrilling experience for anyone interested in vampires and strategic gameplay.


  • Plenty of game content to discover and enjoy
  • ARK gameplay set in Diablo’s universe
  • Well-implemented controller support
  • Beautiful graphics and mechanics


  • Uses too many services and data
  • Can’t pause in single player mode

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