uTorrent Betafor Mac


The latest beta version of the best P2P client for Mac

uTorrent Beta is the latest release from the famous file sharing program which is still under development, but is ideal for testing the latest innovations. This beta version of uTorrent doesn’t make any radical changes, but it does improve the uTorrent user experience: various bugs have been fixed, there’s improved application stability, and performance has been optimized to work better with notebooks.

uTorrent Beta retains all the functions we've become accustomed to with the program: it allows you to download files (games, music, movies, videos, documents, etc.) from the BitTorrent network, manage RSS feed from your favorite torrent sites, and control any news with a single click. You can also use remote control for limiting bandwidth, among other things.

The interface is simple and light, while the settings menu is packed with features. Most importantly, however, we finally see uTorrent Beta running automatically with Mac.

uTorrent Beta improves upon a lot of the issues experienced with the latest version of uTorrent while still keeping the familiarity and core functions of the program for users.

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uTorrent Betafor Mac

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