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Undead Slayer: “Slay” your enemies in the realm of Ancient China

Undead Slayer, a creation by NHN Entertainment, invites mobile gaming enthusiasts on an adrenaline-pumping journey through ancient China. This action-packed RPG, featuring martial arts-themed combat, places players in the shoes of a wandering warrior on a mission to wipe out waves of relentless undead foes.

If you are in the mood to battle your way against countless enemies, this Android game has to be one of your go-to picks on your device. The Ancient Chinese theme backed up with great mechanics gives the user a great experience and don’t forget that this game was released back in 2014. Throughout all these years, it somehow kept its community, and people from all around the world are still logging into the game to slay more enemies that come their way.

How to play Undead Slayer

Navigate through 90 challenging levels sprawled across the diverse Chinese landscape. The goal is clear – survive the relentless onslaught of enemies. The controls are a breeze, tailored for touch screens:

  • Tap to Attack: A simple tap anywhere on the screen unleashes automatic attacks on encountered enemies.
  • Double-Tap to Dodge: Execute nimble dodges by double-tapping, evading enemy strikes with finesse.
  • Activate Skills: Tap on-screen buttons to activate powerful skills strategically.

However, there's a snag in the system. While your character autonomously engages in combat, the focus on fighting enemies sometimes overshadows the critical task of collecting randomly dropped items, including HP and Skill orbs. Missing out on rare drops due to this oversight is a slight hiccup in an otherwise seamless gaming experience.

Is Undead Slayer free to play?

Absolutely. Undead Slayer proudly wears the badge of a free-to-play mobile game. Dive into the action-packed world of ancient China without spending a dime, making it a game accessible to all without financial hurdles. There are many free games that offer fun time to users and Undead Slayer is surely one of the best ones, especially if you enjoy action-themed games that you have to fight with endless enemies, just like Idle Iron Knight.

Is Undead Slayer fun to play?

Beyond its cost-free accessibility, Undead Slayer packs a punch in terms of gameplay and visuals. Despite its 2014 release, the graphics still hold their ground, presenting a visually appealing environment. The game's appeal has transcended time, with a dedicated community of Undead Slayer fans still actively engaging with the game.

  • Customization: Between levels, players can personalize their main character, tweaking their kit and powers for devastating attacks. Weapons and companions can also be equipped to enhance battle prowess.
  • Touchscreen-Optimized Combat: The combat system is thoughtfully crafted for touchscreens, with simple taps for regular attacks and sliding gestures for executing special moves.

Undead Slayer's success isn't solely rooted in commendable graphics; it's the enduring appeal of its gameplay that keeps players hooked. As the undead threat looms over ancient China, players find themselves immersed in an enthralling adventure that defies the constraints of time.

In conclusion, Undead Slayer stands as a prime example of a free-to-play action game that delivers both quality and entertainment. Dive into the captivating world of ancient China, hone your combat skills, and revel in the thrill of slaying enemies in this timeless mobile gaming gem.


  • Free-to-play
  • Fun gaming experience with entertaining mechanics


  • Doesn’t get any more updates

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