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Ride whenever and wherever you need to go

Hailing a ride has never been easier with this private car services app. Go anywhere in a ride mode of your choosing, then pay, and tip all within the app.

Ride-sharing giant

Travel on your terms. Let the app help you plan and pay your way.

Car trouble, one drink too many, or a delayed flight no longer mean bothering Mom, your BFF, or your significant other. Let the Uber app take you where you want to go any day, and any time, without the disapproving looks or lecture.

Uber is an on-demand ride-sharing platform taking the hassle out of getting from here to there. Type in your phone number and email address. To get a ride, you will have to enter payment info (and tips) in the form of a credit or debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Venmo. You will never use cash. Find out what your proposed ride will cost before you commit.

Ready to ride? You can change your location data to suit your needs. With the “Always” setting, Uber will grab your location info until you finish your trip or cancel your trip. It will keep tabs on your location as long as its running in the background.

If you want more control, keep your location data under wraps until you use the Uber app. If Uber requires info while it’s running in the background, you’ll receive a request for permission.

But if the thought of Uber keeping constant tabs on your location is a little creepy, click "Never." Be aware that this is the least convenient option. You’ll need to set your pick up and drop off location within the app rather than relying on GPS coordinates. If you are walking toward your driver or if your pin wasn't in the right spot, your driver won't know. Even with "Never" status, your driver’s location info will link up to your Uber account in case of a future dispute.

For the best experience, use Uber’s suggested pickup location or a quick pickup point for a faster experience picking up or dropping off. It's the easiest way to save time for you and your driver.

Who is viewing your data? What if it’s hacked? Uber has a history of concealing data hacks and employee snooping. Lyft runs a tight ship privacy-wise and restricts employee’s data access.

Car mode

When you need to get from here to there in style, Uber has your back. Choose the type of car you want, from basic UberX every day cars to Uber XL (for groups of six or more) to the high-end Select car and view the associated costs. Other ride-sharing companies, like Curb and Lyft, lag far behind in terms of ride mode options.

Traveling solo can be intimidating. For that extra feeling of safety, you can use the iOS app to send an estimated arrival time, driver name, and the type of car to contacts of your choosing. Select the “Share ETA” option once you’ve settled in (or before your trip has yet to begin) and up to five contacts will receive a live map of your progress. It’s a great option for anyone traveling alone.

Going as a group? You can ditch the “who owes how much money” math. Turn to the Uber app and “Split Fare” instead. Uber will divvy up the payment, adding a small transaction fee to each. Finally, that one friend who always manages to forget to bring cash won’t have an excuse not to cough up their fair share.

Is there a better alternative?

Gone are the days of standing in the rain, hoping for a taxi. Lyft and Curb also offer ride-sharing services, so no matter where you end up, you will find a way home. Unlike Lyft and Uber, Curb is only available in cities, so smaller cities and towns are out of luck. But, for city dwellers and travelers, the Curb app does offer something different from the two ride-sharing behemoths. Curb’s more than 100,000 drivers are all licensed and insured professional taxi drivers.

As for the main ride-share contenders, the Lyft and Uber apps have similar features like in-app ride purchasing and sharing a car with someone you don’t know who is traveling along your route.

Heading home after a ball game or a concert? Uber and Lyft will raise prices to coax more drivers to the area. Lyft marks these pricing upticks with a percentage, while Uber quotes a higher price. Either way, you will pay more than you would during a typical day, though Lyft wins the fairness award for specificity. Lyft itemizes receipts with the distance traveled and the total duration while Uber states the price. If cars are in higher demand near you, you’ll save more money on a Lyft car than an Uber.

Lyft has better pricing but reduced options. Lyft’s most upscale ride mode, Lux Black XL, isn’t available everywhere -- less than 100 US cities can claim this feature. Still fewer lack the function to reserve a luxury ride for another day.

Where can I run this program?

While you can use the Uber website to get an estimate for a ride, you can only request an Uber driver from the iPhone app. You require iOS 10.0 or later.  Ride safe. Use the app’s info to double-check your car and driver before you get in.

Our take

No other ride-sharing company has the same reach or options as the Uber iPhone app. But no other ride-sharing company has the same nonchalant attitude toward privacy or driver safety either.

Should you download this program?

Yes, you should download the Uber iPhone app to fill in the gaps from other services who don’t have a history of privacy issues, scandals, and concealment. But don’t rely on it for frequent transportation.


  • Pay within the app, not your wallet
  • Share estimated time arrival with a tap
  • Wide range of car and SUV options from basic to luxury


  • Uber has privacy issues
  • Uber often costs more than similar services
  • App includes cross-promotion clutter to other services

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