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Finding new Waze to get around

Keep up to date of issues in traffic while driving. Waze allows you to highlight an incident on the app for everyone to see, helping you to avoid unnecessary traffic.

Maps made fun

A fun way to get to your destination. Waze gets you to where you need to go every time.

Enjoy finding your way to a destination with this fun and friendly app. Update the app when you see an accident at the exact location of the incident. This helps give others a heads up of where they can expect to encounter an incident. See where speed traps are located, or where road construction is taking place.

You can also use a voice command to report what is taking place on the road. This is a useful feature in states where it is illegal to be using a phone while behind the wheel. If you are an Uber or Lyft Driver, there is the option to change your map to Waze instead of the default option, so you have a better idea on where traffic congestion will be.

Waze is also good at giving real-time rerouting suggestions, based on what other drivers are experiencing. The interface when compared to other similar programs, is sleek in comparison, and has a minimalistic feel to it, while still providing all the info you need to get places.

This program does have some drawbacks though. Earlier it was mentioned that when compared to other apps, that it’s better in some regards. However, Google acquired this application and is in the process of integrating some of the features in this application into Google Maps. This applications reliance on data may be a dealbreaker.

Waze may also not be the best option for navigation in some regions because it requires people to update the application If there aren’t other comuters using it in an area, you may get caught up in traffic.

Where can you run this program?

This software is installable on most iOS phones, but works best with the latest version of the software (iOS 12.1.2)

Is there a better alternative?

No. It’s a fun, colourful and easy to use app that works well. If you don’t enjoy the animation, you can select Google Maps as an alternative program to navigate your journey.

Our take

Owned by Google, this navigation program takes you to wherever you need to go using the best possible route while avoiding road hazards.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need up to date info about traffic in your area, then look no further than this app.


  • Real-time alerts in traffic
  • Community based software
  • Can be used with other apps
  • Can update maps using voice commands


  • Cannot be used offline
  • Too reliant on data
  • Requires other people to update info

Also available in other platforms

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Wazefor iOS


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