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Free typing tutor for kids

As online and computer-based activities become more important to our daily lives, it’s also becoming more important to help kids learn to type. Tux Typing is free typing software to teach children how to use keyboards in fun and engaging ways.

Typing tools

40 WPM (words per minute) is usually considered a decent typing speed, but if you want to improve your rate, there are plenty of options. is one of the most popular, as it’s for both children and adults. Other typing software focuses on adults, like Mavis Beacon Free and Keybr, but Tux Typing focuses solely on kids.

Learn typing with games

In Tux Typing, Tux the Linux penguin mascot appears in a few games. One, for example, has fish falling from the sky, to type the letters on the fish to spell out words before they hit the ground. This core gameplay carries over into other similar games in the app, such as when Tux blasts letters before they hit cardboard city cutouts.

Graphics and options

Graphics are functional, with most backdrops being photos of arctic mountains or tundra, but this means the focus can remain on typing. Additional information, such as lives, score, and difficulty level, is displayed across the top of the screen. 

The difficulty level can also be changed in the main menu, along with the volume of the music and sound effects. In essence, the game's difficulty level helps you learn typing at varying speeds rather than changing the games themselves.


Tux Typing is free and open-source. This means it’s possible to tweak, or even improve upon, the core software. Being open-source also means there’s a chance the software is not as polished as other typing tools. For example, Tux Typing is available in various languages, but the games don't always feature a complete translation.

Our take

Tux Typing is almost unapologetically ugly, but whether that bothers your child or not is a matter of personal taste. Regarding the games themselves, they’re straightforward but effective. If you want to help your child learn typing and increase their speed, Tux Typing delivers on this promise.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s free, and the games will help your child feel like they’re not working at typing.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Simple but effective game modes
  • Helps your child learn typing and increase speed


  • Very dated visuals
  • Incomplete translation for some screen elements
  • Limited game modes

Program available in other languages

Tux Typingfor Windows


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