Travel around to different football grounds to find your fellow teammates. Recruit the best players to create a winning team and challenge other teams online.

Anime gaming at its best

Fun and competitive football matches with Captain Tsubasa and his friends. The gameplay is uncomplicated and straightforward, making it suitable for both young and old players to enjoy.

The legendary Captain Tsubasa returns in this epic football challenge. Lovers of the anime sports star won’t want to miss out on this exciting, challenging game.

You get to move around to different football stadiums, scouting for new talent to join your team. You will come across football legends from the past, as well as current star players that grace the fields today.

The game creates a competitive environment, inviting players to take on their rivals to prove who the better team is. It also features different cities, revealing various landscapes, and establishments you might recognize.

The mechanics of the game are straightforward, so first time users will get the hang of it quickly.

Spectators fill stadiums to give teams their support in this exciting collection of match-play.

Gameplay can become monotonous, with the limited moves the players make. The application also takes a lot of space on your device.

Where can you run this program?

Gaming fanatics and anime sports lovers can play the game using iOS version 8.0 and later.

Is there a better alternative?

No. When it comes to anime gaming, Captain Tsubasa is a popular choice.

Our take

Sports lovers will enjoy this simple yet challenging experience in the field. Tsubasa+ creates a healthy rivalry between friends and allows you to challenge others online.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you are a lover of sports games, then this is an entertaining download that will keep you occupied for hours at a time.



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