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Thief: The Dark Project - Nostalgic and legendary game

Thief: The Dark Project is a game that combines stealth, action, and adventure in an engaging first-person perspective. Developed by Looking Glass Studios and released in 1998, it quickly became a standout in the stealth genre thanks to its detailed storytelling and gameplay. The game is set in a mysterious world that mixes old medieval styles with elements of magic and early industrial designs. Players take the role of Garrett, a skilled thief who excels at sneaking around unnoticed. It is available for Windows users.

What is the difference between Thief Gold and Thief Dark Project?

Thief Gold, released a year after the original game, builds on Thief: The Dark Project by adding more content and fixing previous issues:

  • Three new levels: These additional maps bring new challenges and extend the story.
  • Improvements and bug fixes: These updates address problems from the original game, improving how it plays and feels.

While "Thief Gold" maintains the core gameplay of sneaking and strategy from the original game, it enhances the player's experience with these additions and tweaks.

What is the plot of the Thief: The Dark Project?

In Thief: The Dark Project, players explore a large city that combines medieval darkness with technological innovation. The story centers on Garrett, a master thief who was trained by a secretive group known as the Keepers. Choosing a life of adventure over following rules, Garrett becomes caught up in a complicated story involving magical artifacts and competing groups.

The city is controlled by several factions:

  • The Keepers: A group trying to keep everything in balance.
  • The Pagans: Rebels who worship nature and follow a god called the Trickster.
  • The Order of the Hammer (Hammerites): They value order and discipline, focusing on building and enforcing rules.

Garrett’s adventures are spread across various missions, where he needs to navigate through the city's political and mystical challenges.


Thief: The Dark Project" stands out for its innovative gameplay mechanics that prioritize stealth over direct confrontation. Here’s how it immerses players in the art of stealth:

  • First-person stealth gameplay: Players must use the shadows and their environment to avoid detection.
  • Varied level design: Each mission offers multiple pathways and strategies, enhancing replayability.
  • Complex NPC interactions: The game's AI responds dynamically to player actions, increasing realism and challenge.

Key features include:

  • Rich arsenal of tools: From water arrows to douse lights to rope arrows for climbing, tools are vital for navigating and manipulating the environment.
  • Adaptive missions: Object tiered challenges increase with the game’s difficulty settings, demanding greater stealth and strategy.


  • Regarded as one of the best games of all time
  • Incredibly fun gameplay
  • Well-written plot
  • Lightweight


  • Old graphics

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