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Explore the night of the supernatural

Octavi Navarro, the developer, poured his heart into this short indie game that feels entirely personal. The Librarian is a free point-and-click fantasy adventure game that features a thoroughly authentic world for you to uncover and explore.

A wonderfully designed adventure

The Librarian is a lovely fusion of an eerie riddle and wholesome storytelling that grips you with its warm atmosphere.

The Librarian is a charming indie game. The light sounds of piano keys and the wind greet you the moment you first launch it. Midnight hues uncover the 2D side-scroller pixelated art style that still feels realistic.

You play as Liz, the Librarian from the title. You’re visited by an owl carrying a message, saying that something is wrong in the library, and you have to explore it. After picking up a dagger, key, and several books, you head outside.

Even with such a ghostly beginning, this isn’t a horror game, or not exactly. There are spooky elements, and the overall feeling is one of imminent danger, but the focus is more on exploring the strange universe you’re in rather than running away from it.

As you progress, you will uncover a number of puzzles that challenge you and stall your progress. The developer made sure that they’re clever but solvable, not slowing down the game pace.

It’s a shame that it takes about half an hour to go through the entire adventure. While the story does feel complete, the ending leaves you with the desire to learn more about the strange universe of The Librarian.

Where can you run this program?

This game runs on Windows as well as on Mac devices except for macOS Catalina.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, because The Librarian, while great, features a rather short story and gameplay. If you liked this type of style though, try Midnight Scenes or Thimbleweed Park from the same developer. Go Home is a longer indie game with a similar atmosphere.

Our take 

The Librarian is a video game that feels more like a story that tries to evoke ideas and emotions much more than focusing on complex gameplay mechanics. Overall, it is a unique and charming adventure game.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re a fan of fantasy and mystery, The Librarian is well worth a look. Despite the game's rather short gameplay, it will draw you into its universe for an unforgettable experience.

The Librarianfor Windows


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