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Teen Patti is a free-to-play mobile game of Indian poker that connects with players online. There’s a large selection of game modes available, making it an excellent pastime for you and your friends. Using any of the various bonuses will provide spare coins while you play.

Indian poker

This mobile app brings Indian poker to your fingertips. The game is played using three cards and with a variety of poker styles. As you play the game, you’ll learn how each game mode works and when to bet more or walk away.


As you play the game and earn winnings, you can store them in the Gullak. Once your initial funds run low, you can stock up using this saved bank of coins. The game automatically uses your winnings to refill your chips, helping you to continue betting until you’re the Teen Patti winner.

Daily benefits

Logging into the Teen Patti application every day will reward you with free chips. These chips are a great way to get into a new game if you lost everything the previous day. Additionally, there is a bonus available for downloading the application that provides up to three Lakh chips.

Play with friends

Through the Teen Patti app, you can connect with friends while playing one of the many game modes. You can invite friends from Facebook or play with strangers as you continue placing bets. However, as there’s no voice chat function, your interaction with other players is limited. 

Variety of modes

There are over seven ways to play Teen Patti with your friends or against other players online. You can join a public or private table, participate in one of the two tournament modes, or join a Teen Patti battle. Additionally, variants change the way the standard game is played.

Our take

Overall, Teen Patti is a decent card game to play with your friends online if you dislike regular poker. Alternatively, you can play Teen Patti Golf for similar gameplay or try RummyCircle for a different playstyle. Teen Patti is fun to play and connects to your friends with ease but suffers from a lack of communication features. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’ve ever wanted to try Indian poker or need a new game to play with friends, this application is a good choice.


  • Easy to learn
  • Set your winnings aside until you need them
  • Play with friends
  • Choose themes and avatars
  • Multiple game modes


  • Minimal communication between players

Teen Patti: Indian Pokerfor Android


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