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Free casino slot game

Club 7 published ‘RSweeps’ as a casino slot game. There are numerous casino-style machines to play on, and it’s absolutely free. The app puts you in the action without the hassle of loading dollars to play. It’s simple and fun with a serious appeal to people who want to learn the basics of online slots.  

Games, games, and more games

As you open the application, you are directed to a screen that displays a few titles to play.  The ‘Featured’ titles give you games that are widely popular with users. ‘Multiline” and the ‘Fruit slots’ offer vibrant colors and exciting winnings.

If you want to increase the stakes, purchase credits through the software program and unlock even more winnings.

How does it all work?

Once you’ve loaded this title onto your device, you’ll find that there is no registration required. This makes accessing gameplay as seamless as possible. No payment information is needed either, even if you’re using Google Play. 

You are given four types of slots to pick from, namely, ‘Featured,’ ‘Multiline,’ ‘Fruit slots,’ and ‘Classic line’ as you open the application. Select the slot that interests you and start playing. 

Software requirements

The app is larger compared to similar games, at about 57Mbs, but does offer frequent software updates to ensure that your gaming experience is as smooth as possible. Android version 4.3, Jelly Bean, is a minimum requirement for the app to run on your device. 

Our take

This application gifts you an experience that is rare to find but so many people are grateful for. You don’t need to load any actual money to play the games. The array of slots to choose from, although they seem excessive, will be much welcomed as you spend time honing your skills. 

Should you download it

It is an awesome way to learn online slots and the app has a roulette round to change up the scenario. The application gives you constant updates that include games and security upgrades. Unfortunately, there is no accountability for purchases from the owners, making this game suspicious. 

Be cautious when selecting this app for recreation. For a similar experience, you can try Parks Online, Play Las Vegas, and Fantasy Spring Slots.


  • Life-like game winnings
  • Over 70 different slots to choose from
  • The game is guilt-free gambling


  • The application size is large

RSweepsfor Android


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