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Tapes Story: Amanda - A Charming Yet Creepy Adventure Game

Tapes Story: Amanda is a unique horror game that takes you back to the 90s, making you feel nostalgic and a bit scared at the same time. It's about finding old VHS tapes of a kids' TV show in an attic. The game is special because it mixes watching these old shows with solving puzzles and uncovering secrets on your Android device.

Tapes Story: Amanda plot

The story starts with Riley Park, who just got their Aunt Kate’s house. In the attic, Riley finds a bunch of old VHS tapes next to an ancient TV. Curious, Riley plays a tape and sees a show called "Amanda the Adventurer," starring Amanda and her sheep friend, Wooly. At first, it looks like any old kids' show, but soon Riley feels something's off. Amanda and Wooly seem to talk directly to Riley, making it hard to stop watching. Riley feels like Amanda needs help with something and decides to figure it out.

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How to play Tapes Story: Amanda

Playing Tapes Story: Amanda is like stepping into a time machine and ending up in a mystery. The game screen looks like an old TV, and you use it to watch the tapes and get clues. Here’s what makes the game fun:

  • Watching Tapes: You play by watching the VHS tapes found in the attic. Each tape is an episode with puzzles and secrets to find.
  • Solving Puzzles: The show has puzzles that you need to solve. These can be easy or hard, but they all help you get deeper into the story.
  • Finding Clues: While watching, you need to watch for hidden clues that help you understand what's really going on in the show.
  • Making Choices: Your choices in the game change how the story goes. Depending on what you decide, the ending can be different.

You need to use your brain and pay attention to detail to figure out the mystery of "Amanda the Adventurer." The game is cool because it feels like you're really using an old VCR, and it's different from other games because you get to solve puzzles while watching a TV show.

"Tapes Story: Amanda" is a trip down memory lane with a spooky twist. It's not just about playing a game; it's about getting involved in a story that mixes old-school nostalgia with a bit of horror. You'll probably enjoy this game if you like puzzles, mysteries, and the 90s. It's about being part of the adventure and discovering what's hidden behind those old tapes.


  • Fun puzzles
  • Free


  • Repetitive gameplay

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Tapes Story: Amandafor Android


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