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Expansive esports news and coverage

Strafe Esports gives fans of esports an easy way to access all the relevant content through a mobile app. You can see upcoming matches and tournaments in the calendar section. You can also click each match for basic details or to watch it live. If you're interested in obtaining more stats, all you have to do is just click a bit more.

A simple interface for easy viewing

Strafe welcomes esports fans and newcomers alike to all of the most intense matches in one place.

Since the app is split into sections, including calendar, feed, and discover, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. The feed page has a clean interface that curates videos, posts, and articles, related to the teams, players, or games you follow. You aren’t limited to just one game, you can also choose your favorite players and teams.

The calendar and feed sections offer access to the latest information, which means that Strafe keeps you informed of the latest big plays and scores. There are also notifications for tournaments that are about to start.

With all of the stats, articles, and live streams, you can learn so much more about your favorite game or team. This knowledge doesn’t go to waste, as the app is interactive. You can vote before a match to predict the winner. If you’re correct, you win points and compete with other fans that are using Strafe.

While Strafe appears to have it all, making it stiff competition for Twitch, this app doesn’t feature a broad range of esports. For example, if you are a Fortnite fan, it might not meet your needs This also means you’ll have to look elsewhere for streams of specific titles. It’s definitely not the all-in-one service that it wants to be, yet.

Where can you run this program?

This app requires iOS 10.0 and above for use.

Is there a better alternative?

No. If Strafe covers the teams and games you like, then you’ll enjoy this app. Otherwise, Twitch is a fantastic option.

Our take

Strafe is a great app with a smart and clear way to bring together the features that esports fans need. It is constantly expanding to include new games and will certainly be an impressive rival for Twitch. For the moment, though, you can enjoy the live streams, stats, and interactive functions.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want an app that brings together esports tournaments and news, this is a good option.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Clean interface
  • Latest information
  • Follow games and teams
  • Interactive


  • Limited game variety

Strafe Esportsfor iOS


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