Free FIFA 21 supplement app

FUTBIN is a free supplemental app that helps players manage various aspects of their FIFA Ultimate Team gaming setup. Its extensive interface lets you explore the player database, play the draft simulator, access the squad builder, and get all the relevant statistics for more efficient gameplay.

All-in-one app

FUT is a massively popular game, with many supplemental apps coming out to facilitate players' experiences. 

While Futwiz and Futview are reliable alternatives, especially for prices and stats, FUTBIN is the crowning jewel of such programs. It combines all information in a single application, making all the data more digestible.

However, if you're a new player, the sheer number of features can overwhelm you at first. While it's well-designed, FUTBIN does have a steep learning curve. 

A logical structure

The structure is critical for understanding FUTBIN and using it effectively. The app consists of menus upon menus, leading you to its various sections. The Start menu displays your most recent plays, your most-used sections, and player browsing options. 

The primary submenu deals with players. Here, you can survey the market with useful, real-time diagrams, favorite players, and a trading section. The search bar lets you browse players by various characteristics. 

You can also take surveys, give feedback to the FIFA community, and read through other members' experiences with every football player available. 

Free vs. paid

You can use this app for free, but there are also four price tier options. 

Most notably, the subscription removes ads from the app, which significantly improves the user experience. Moreover, higher tiers enable various useful notifications, such as player, SBC and squad prices, market value, and headliners. 

Our take

FUTBIN is an excellent solution for people looking to facilitate their FUT gameplay. It's well-thought-out and can be super-beneficial for players juggling vast amounts of information.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you're a big FUT 21 fan. While the learning curve can be overwhelming for new players, it's helpful to have all information in one place.


  • Packed with options and data
  • Grants access to FIFA community
  • Well-organized into submenus


  • Learning curve



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