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Get a cuppa on the go with Starbucks app

We love seeing the green Nordic mermaid logo just as much we love coffee itself. But not everyone can stay and chill in this cafe. Some can’t even afford to step in the store because the morning rush doesn’t let them. Those days are gone with Starbuck’s very own application.

Locate a branch near you through the app.

Your favorite coffee chain knows what you need.

Finding yourself in a time crunch and being hungry does not make for a good morning. Make sure you always have a good morning by fueling up before work. 

Just enter your current location and the brand’s outlets will appear on the map. This feature is also good for times when the shop is fully occupied or there are no more sockets to plug your laptop charger in. Easily look for other Starbucks locations in your vicinity on this cafe app.

Turn transaction into a breeze.

 Bookmark your go-to drinks and snacks so you can easily punch them in when placing an order. Scroll through the Starbucks coffee menu anytime if you want to try something new. You can order through the app and pick it up at a branch that’s along your route to work. 

Earn stars for every dollar you’ve paid for. You can also earn bonuses by playing the games and availing their offers. They have Double Star Days which double the number of stars you earn for that day. Get a chance to take merch and other treats home for free. A list of prizes you can get with your stars is provided here. You can score a free lunch and even take home coffee merch!

Let people know they’re on your mind

With the app, you can give digital gifts for birthdays and other occasions. Send Starbucks cards and gift cards with messages. After all, coffee always makes the perfect practical gift.

Let your baristas know that you appreciate them. You have the option to tip them by selecting the branch they work in. Digital transaction doesn’t have to be without gratuity.

Where can you run this program?

Get coffee when and where you need it by downloading regardless if you’re an Android or iOS user.

Is there a better alternative?

Dunkin Donuts app can be used as a Starbucks app alternative. Grab a quick cup of joe as well as iconic donuts you know and love without queuing.

Our take

There’s very little you can’t do with the app. You can’t build a rocket ship, but you do get more perks and have more convenient transactions.

Should you download it?

Yes. Nothing patches a bad day up like a quick cup of coffee.


  • This app lets you skip lines and claim your order
  • In-app rewards system
  • Allows for cashless transactions
  • Allows users to customize drinks


  • No food allergies list in the app
  • Reported bugs
  • Errors occur in the store locator sometimes

Starbucksfor Android


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