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Trash the paper receipts and IOUs

With Splitwise, you can finally solve all those payment hassles with friends or family members.

Split payments for any expense

You can easily split the bill and ensure that payments from one to another are worry-free.

Splitwise is a shared expenses app. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to take control of their payment-collecting woes and IOUs.

Do you and a friend switch off paying for dinner or drinks at your favorite place down the street? Do you have roommates and need to split things like the utilities and the rent payment? If you do, you know what a hassle it can be getting other people to pay up -- even when those people are friends.

You need a better way of managing your expenses.

With Splitwise, you don’t have to keep constant tabs on who owes what or play the role of the annoying bill collector. This nifty app does it for you.

Getting started with Splitwise

Peer-to-peer payment apps are great, but they don’t do math or send payment reminders. Splitwise changes the game.

You don’t have to carry around paper or create spreadsheets on the fly. Kiss the hectic end of the vacation expense sorting goodbye. Everything you need is in the Splitwise app.

After a quick sign-up, you’ll run through a brief tutorial. Then, you’ll set up your apartment rent or house mortgage. Add a group trip, or skip it, and head to the main menu to view your options.

Everyone has that one friend who forgets to bring money or who leaves their wallet at home one too many times. With the Splitwise app, you no longer have to remember who owes what.

Snap a pic of your receipt from within your shared expenses so everyone is on the same page. You’ll never have to suffer through another who paid what and when argument again.

No one can argue over the cost of a meal from a month ago -- everything happens within the app or through a web browser.

Whatever your bill, no matter the group, you can set the amount owed equally. So, if your roommate buys detergent and an assortment of cleaning supplies, divvying up the amount owed is fast.

Your roomie can send you a notification and a pic of the receipt without saying a word.

When rent is almost due, you can stop with the sticky note reminders. Invite your roomies to the app and send payment notice hassle-free.

Add people to the groups you make with an invite link or via email. Track balances between your friends and view the latest activity.

Using Splitwise

Submitting expenses is simple. Tap the “+” button, enter a description so you and the people involved won’t get confused, and then type in the payment amount.

The app automatically splits the amount and tell you how much you paid and what you're owed.

Your friends can make a payment at any time through the app. Send a reminder via the app or manually add in the amount if your pal gave you cash.

If you’ve got a shady roommate, or want to ensure your accounts are secure, add a passcode to your account under the settings option to keep your debts and payments locked-down.

Do you need to simplify group debts? Splitwise won’t combine your debts (even if there are unnecessary extra payments) if you keep this box checked.

Pay your pals with PayPal, Venmo, or cash for the easiest and most stress-free experience ever.

Where can you run this program?

This app requires iOS 11.0 or later with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or Android 5.0 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

Splittr and Tricount are two Splitwise competitors. Each app focuses on payment splitting and offers a clean, fresh interface. Splitwise and Splittr have an edge in terms of general feel.

Tricount is bland in terms of color, layout, and its lack of a modern look. While not outdated in function, form leaves a little to be desired.

Splittr and Splitwise provide a more intuitive payment setting method, with clear categories, group members, and the ability to add in images.

While those features might sound like unnecessary extras, if you manage a lot of different groups, images could help you sort through your list a little faster.

Does one roomie pay more for the larger room? Tricount and Splittr offer uneven account splitting. While unequal splitting is available in Splitwise, it’s a premium option.

Tricount and Splittr include graphs. Visual folks may enjoy seeing who is in the clear, and who is in the red, at a glance. It’s another option Splitwise offers if you shell out for the pro version.

Splittr goes beyond the rest of the bill-splitting apps with its activities breakdown graphics. They provide a quick view of where you spend the most money.

It even includes silly friend labels so you can get an idea of who are your most active, most generous, and most stingy friends. Those fun facts may help give you a nudge when you decide which friend to treat to dinner or who you might just let pay their own way.

Of all the apps, Tricount boasts the most useful feature: an example transaction.

You can view how the app works and play around with the numbers in an account that won’t affect your real-life accounts. It’s a genius move. But that’s where the perks of Tricount end.

Tricount lags behind the rest in terms of usability.

Each app offers something interesting. The less tech-savvy might want to turn to Tricount if only to get a better visual of how the whole thing works.

Otherwise, Splitwise looks good and performs well without unnecessary elements -- even on vacation.

Our take

Splitwise is a solid payment-splitting option. If you find yourself spending too much time tracking down friends and demanding payment, this is an app you’ve got to try.

Should I download it?

Yes, Splitwise is a great download. It looks sharp, works well, and is worth a look for anyone wanting simple IOU management.


  • Free
  • Calculates in different currencies
  • Cloud storage so anyone can check in
  • Accept cash or online payments
  • Quick expense recording with receipt images
  • Include avatar images


  • Any other form of payment splitting is a premium option

Program available in other languages

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