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Take the hassle out of checking email

Cut through the clutter. Access emails you care about.

Hit inbox zero with this simple Mac application.

Prioritize your email inbox

Spark is an email client to help you receive all your priority emails. Don’t let important emails get lost in the constant onslaught of spam and junk emails. With this app it’s easy to get things under control.

You know how Gmail offers categories and auto-sorts your new mail. Spark does the same thing but with a twist.

Once installed, you can connect multiple email accounts to the app so you don’t have to waste time checking different email platforms. Your accounts will sync, some with better success than others, so you won’t ever fall behind.

Using Spark

Spark looks good. Clean and inviting, the text is easy on the eyes. This alternative email client is simple to use once you understand the basics.

You decide what email should fall into the smart box or what is a personal email. The app auto creates teams, with each team represented by a different email.

Pin, the Spark term for flag, an email or mark an email as read or unread. Delete or archive your emails too. If you have a slew of unnecessary emails, Spark makes it a snap to bulk delete them.

Whatever action you choose, it all feels fast. A colored animation appears after each action so you know you did the right action.

Personalizing Spark

You don’t need to stick with the default settings. Spark offers a nice assortment of ways to customize email actions. Match them to the way you handle your incoming mail.

Spark promises to help you fly through your inbox using cutting-edge email tools. When new emails hit your inbox, the platform separates the new, important emails from the rest of the drivel.

These emails will appear at the top of your screen.

As you scroll down your emails, you’ll see how the app has divvied up your remaining emails. Personal emails are at the top, followed by notifications, and newsletters. Next are pins (otherwise known as starred emails), and finally the rest of your viewed emails.

Once you click on a viewed email and open it up, you can find it on the main page under the viewed section.

If you need to keep closer tabs on an email, you can Snooze an email so you can deal with it later. If you do choose to snooze an email, you set the length of your “nap.” Set a time for later that day, tomorrow, next week, someday, or pick a date.

Request a notification so you don’t forget. Whatever action you choose will sync across your devices.

Hear the sound of bells? When you receive a new email, the app will play a musical tune. You decide what type of emails should make sound -- or not. Silence the options one by one or all in one go.

Make a signature for different accounts. Want to switch out signatures? Simple. A few swipes will let you make the change fast on a per email basis.

This third-party email alternative will have you sorting and following up with your emails like never before.

Where can you run this program?

Spark is available on Android 7.0 and up and Mac or iOS 11.0 or later.

Is there a better alternative?

MailSpring is Spark’s big competitor. Both app’s feature auto-snooze and support major email clients. They take the stress out of managing emails.

Only Spark offers the handy auto-sort feature. MailSpring provides a way to get all your important emails in one place, but leaves the organizing up to you.

Though both options are sleek and modern, MailSpring provides multiple free templates. You can choose how you want your email client to look and feel by heading into the app’s settings.

Engineers designed MailSpring to run on an efficient framework. It won’t drain your laptop battery. As a bonus, it syncs email fast. Spark is no slouch either in the speed department, but it does receive a thumbs down for privacy concerns.

The platform shares your statistics with third-party services like Facebook and Google. It lacks an option to stop the info-sharing.

Both services serve a different purpose. If you want to clean up your inbox and ditch the unnecessary extras, you won’t go wrong with Spark.

Our take

Spark is an attractive, easy to use third-party email client. Once you get used to the categories, and if privacy issues don’t bother you, it’s a worthy replacement for your standard email app.

Should you download it?

Yes. Spark is free, runs fast, and looks fantastic. The more you use this app, the more it gets to know your preferences, so you can better stay on top of your inbox.


  • Add a signature
  • Add multiple email accounts
  • Set follow-up reminders
  • Batch delete emails
  • Customize your sidebar
  • widgets
  • and swipes


  • Some sync issues between email clients
  • Privacy issues and data-sharing

Program available in other languages

Spark - Email App by Readdlefor Mac


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