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Solitaire Pets Adventure - Classic and free solitaire

Solitaire Pets Adventure combines classic solitaire with a fun twist—saving cute pets as you play! This free game is perfect for anyone who loves playing cards or enjoys adorable animals on your Android device. Merging traditional Klondike solitaire gameplay with a charming pet rescue narrative, this free-to-play game offers an enriching experience that appeals to both card game aficionados and animal lovers alike. Engage in entertaining and challenging levels while helping Ace the dog and his friends rescue pets and complete missions.

Fun and simple gameplay

Solitaire Pets Adventure revitalizes the classic card game by infusing it with engaging, mission-driven gameplay. Here's what makes it distinctively enjoyable:

  • Dynamic Levels: Players embark on a solitaire journey that includes a variety of levels from easy to challenging boss fights.
  • Rescue Missions: Each level has a mission to rescue pets from the clutches of a villainous pet catcher, adding a layer of excitement and purpose to the traditional solitaire game.
  • Collectibles: Winning games allows you to collect gems and pets. These gems can be used to enhance your pets' abilities, which in turn helps you to tackle more difficult levels.
  • Pet Album: Every rescued pet gets added to your personal pet album, creating a rewarding sense of achievement.

Key Features:

  • Progress through different levels and continue your adventure.
  • Use gems to improve your pets’ abilities, which helps you in tougher levels.
  • Battle against boss levels where you need smart strategies to succeed.
  • Build a collection of cute pets in your album.

How to play

Solitaire Pets Adventure uses a normal deck of 52 cards and follows the rules of Klondike solitaire but with some exciting additions:

  1. Objective: The main aim is to move all the cards from the tableau to the foundation, sorting them from Aces to Kings in the same suit.
  2. Rescue Mechanic: The game includes a unique feature where certain cards let you perform actions like throwing a tomato at the pet catcher to rescue pets.
  3. Special Cards and Boosters: Look out for Surprise Cards and boosters like Air Strike or Carrot Strike. These appear randomly and can either help or challenge you, adding more strategy to the game.

Solitaire Pets Adventure mixes classic solitaire with creative, mission-based play, keeping each game exciting and unpredictable. Get your cards ready and start your pet-saving adventure today!


  • Free and classic solitaire game
  • Special setting for left-handed people
  • Cute and colorful theme


  • Performance issues, freezes after some time

Program available in other languages

Solitaire Pets Adventure - Free Solitaire Fun Gamefor Android


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