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Creative, fun, and action-oriented!

A multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), Smite has a flair for creativity with multiple game modes (jousting, assault, and conquest). Each mode has an individual character and appeal, allowing you to explore several different worlds in teams. You’ll also love other interesting features, such as the Worship system, which rewards you for dedicating to a specific character. Overall, Smite is an interesting and fun choice for gamers.

A smooth experience with full 3D graphics!

A game with the perfect mix of RPG and strategy.

A fantasy MOBA, Smite lets you take the role of different mythological gods to battle in arenas. Unlike League of Legends or other competitors, it offers a third-person camera view, providing a different perspective every time you play the game. It also puts players closer to strategy and action.

A refreshing perspective

Smite is creative, enticing, and engaging! It brings a new perspective to the already popular MOBA genre. Using a WASD keyboard, players take direct control of characters with the conventional RTS-based point-and-click interface. The third-person perspective makes the gameplay more action oriented, where you need to manually acquire new skills and aim attacks while avoiding incoming blows.

Currently, you can choose from more than 60 God avatars inspired by several mythologies followed around the world. Some of the most popular choices include Hindu, Egyptian, Rome, Greek, Mayan, and Norse.

While the game takes a creative approach, it doesn’t distort the basic goal of every MOBA offering. Two teams battle to destroy the other faction’s main building. The action requires players to break through towers and NPC minions for the win.

Creative gameplay with multiple modes

The gameplay is engaging and lets you control the character (God) effortlessly. While destroying enemy towers, killing NPC minions, and slaying opponents, you keep leveling up to get more powers and skills. Each team has 3 to 5 players, who need to defeat towers and Phoenixes owned by the enemies. The ultimate goal is to destroy the Titan, a merciless warrior representing the final objective of the game.

Players can choose from different game modes, such as Practice Tutorial mode, Solo mode, and Jungle mode. The last one is a favorite of many, and allows you to practice with abilities and items. You can also try co-op mode to fight waves of AI. Ranked and Normal modes start standard MOBA matches. Last but not the least, Custom mode allows you to customize content as per your interests.

Your choice of a mode will depend on how much you need to learn from the game. While Arena is an aggressive brawl, Joust is focused on teamplay along a straightforward route. Similarly, Assault has a single lane, where every player gets a random God as a character.

Siege is an extended version of Assault, and features two lanes with a forest area between them. Conquest is chosen by the most experienced players. It has three lanes with a much larger forest area and a set of difficult objectives. For the best gaming experience, it’s better to move up the ladder accordingly.

Graphics and music could be improved, but aren’t a deal-breaker

The artwork in Smite can repel beginners and amateurs. Since the game was designed to run on multiple platforms and PCs, it uses an older gaming engine. While everything on the screen looks better in motion than static image, you still wouldn’t call it a next generation game.

Smite has tried hard to preserve the spirit of comic books from the 90s. With its customized monsters and Gods, the artwork ranges from charming to off-putting. Although most players don’t consider it a dealbreaker, it’s not for everyone’s taste.

As compared to other leading names like League of Legends and DotA, the audio aspect doesn’t stand out. The themes don’t have originality, but suit the gameplay and storyline. Fortunately, a lot of work has been done to create appealing character voices. The best part is that you can get new voices via in-game purchases to simply sound funny or intimidate opponents.

Since the game is free, it’s a good enough reason to try it out. What makes Smite great is the compatibility with multiple platforms and operating systems. You can also play this MOBA game on a console. Though in-game purchases like skins and voices need real money, the game successfully introduces a huge young audience to this exciting and complex genre.

Where can you run this program?

Smite is available for multiple operating systems and platforms, including Windows, Steam, Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox One. On the Microsoft Windows operating system, it’s recommended to use Windows 7 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

While Smite is an excellent choice among MOBA games, you may want to check out other offerings in this category. League of Legends, one of the most popular competitors, is backed by a huge community of gamers who love interacting during gameplay. However, with several features and complexities, the learning process can be tedious and long.

Another good choice is DotA, which lets you hop on to an active queue at any time of the day. It just makes sure you’re able to start the game quickly. Once again, gameplay can be tough to understand for beginners. If you’re looking for something with better graphics, Heroes of Newerth will be the perfect choice. But you’d need solid internet connectivity!

Our take

With several game modes reminding you of classics in this genre, Smite takes the lead over its competitors. The gameplay is innovative and creative! 3D graphics and numerous mythological themes keep you engaged with the storyline throughout the journey. Overall, it’s a great choice.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! One of the most successful MOBA games, Smite is well-developed and provides a refreshing perspective over games like League of Legends and DotA. If you’re considering an action-packed, smooth gaming experience, give Smite a try!


  • Multiple game modes
  • Full 3D game
  • Free-to-play


  • Server issues can be annoying
  • Frequent changes to gameplay
  • Skins can only be acquired with gems (real money)

Smitefor Windows


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