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Free Sky TV streaming application

Sky Go is a free streaming app whereby you can watch Sky Sports, movies, and other shows on your iOS device. It’s similar to Netflix and YouTube, whereby the content is exclusive to the network, and you won’t find it anywhere else other than Sky TV applications.

Can you watch Sky Go on iPhone?

The streaming application is available for iPhone 4 or higher. You can also enjoy the content on the iPod touch for the 5th and 6th Generations, or the iPad 2 and above. When you download Sky Go, ensure that you have a compatible device before installing it.

Does Sky Go work abroad on iPhone?

Sky TV is a UK brand, but Sky Go is available in several countries worldwide. Some shows have regional restrictions that prevent you from watching in specific locations, but there are VPNs that you can use with the app to unlock the channels.

Can I buy Sky Go on its own?

The Sky Go app is entirely free to download. There are only a few free shows, so you’ll need a Sky TV subscription to access the other channels. If you’d prefer not to, there’s the option to buy a monthly ticket on your iOS device.

What is the difference between Sky Go and Sky Go Extra?

SG Extra is an added feature for VIP members who pay for extra perks. For instance, you can download shows or highlights to your iPhone to watch them offline. However, this takes storage space on your phone or tablet.

Our take

Sky Go is an excellent app if you love watching sports events, tournaments, races, or matches. While you can only access content exclusive of the network, there are hundreds of channels for you to enjoy. 

Should you download it?

Yes, if you enjoy streaming movies and live sports on your iPhone from the Sky TV network.


  • Plenty of shows to enjoy
  • Watch your favorite sports
  • Change your account settings
  • Access your membership


  • Needs constant internet connection
  • Requires membership for most of the content

Sky Gofor iOS


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