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Sideloading application for Oculus Quest

SideQuest lets you install and run VR games for Oculus Quest that aren’t in the Oculus Store. It’s a free desktop app for Mac, which developers can use as an unofficial curated VR store.

What is sideloading?

Sideloading is a term used for adding unofficial content to a device using a virtual desktop app. If the Quest headset is in developer mode, it’s relatively easy to install extra content. Otherwise, SideQuest does the same thing but makes it more accessible.

SideQuest vs. Quest

The Oculus Quest VR headset is self-contained; once it’s charged up, you can access the Quest games store from the device itself, rather than needing to use a Mac. However, Oculus is run by Facebook, which implemented a strict curation policy for games.

Although other game consoles do the same thing, the market for VR titles is a lot narrower, so the policy isn’t too popular with many VR developers and gamers. That’s where SideQuest comes in. It has a range of games that can be sorted by genre, staff picks, and user ratings.

Is SideQuest legal?

Since it’s not officially supported by Facebook, SideQuest is very much a ‘use at your own risk’ proposition. However, it’s not illegal to sideload games onto a Quest, especially if the game is released for that purpose by its developer. 

Facebook supports sideloading itself, but if you use it to add pirated VR games to your Oculus, you’ll get in trouble.

Our take

SideQuest is a safe way to add independent VR games from your Mac to your Oculus Quest. Much like the Xbox Indie Store before it, SideQuest gives developers who likely don’t have the industry clout (or finances) to meet Facebook’s curation criteria a shot at being seen.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re worried about the legal aspect, don’t be too concerned. As long as you’re using SideQuest solely for its curated games, you’ll be fine.


  • An excellent way to access more VR games
  • Lots of titles available for free


  • A lot of very similar-style games
  • Lack of well-known indie developers

Also available in other platforms

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SideQuestfor Mac


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