Secret Neighborfor Windows


Hunt your friends

Secret Neighbor uses the series's unique art style to induce fear and doubt amongst up to six players as you attempt to find your lost friend and identify the impostor.

Use your abilities

Secret Neighbor is a social horror game that supports up to six players in the Hello Neighbor universe.

Secret Neighbor is filled with many fun gameplay mechanics. Mostly you'll spend your time as one of the five members of the group attempting to outsmart the impostor amongst you. You can use your specific abilities such as speeding up your movement as the Brave or having extra storage as the Bagger.

The Neighbor has various tools at his disposal as he hunts down the other players. While playing as this character, you can place bear traps, throw smoke bombs, access a hidden control room, and many more.

There are five main players in a round and one Neighbor. This makes the game ideal for playing with small groups of friends, but you can join online sessions and possibly make new friends or enemies.

The title feels creepy and worrisome due to its engaging environment. This makes the social horror atmosphere intense as the sounds around you and wacky graphics begin to doubt the other players and your own safety.

However, social horror games are incredibly repetitive and Secret Neighbor is, as well. There is no randomization, resulting in quickly finding your way to the basement with increasing speed each time you play.

Where can you run this program?

Secret Neighbor is available for Windows 7 and up, and has a ported version for mobile devices.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. While fans of the series will enjoy Secret Neighbor, SCP: Secret Laboratory is a great free alternative of the same genre.

Our take

Secret Neighbor is an excellent social horror game that can be played online and occurs in the Hello Neighbor universe.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're looking for a fun horror game to play with others online, then this is a great title to download.

Secret Neighborfor Windows

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