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Scratch is a DJ software that's perfect for anyone who wants to DJ without spending a lot of money on gear or worrying about ruining their vinyl records. Basically, it lets you do all your DJing on a Windows computer. You can mix songs, scratch tracks, and make your music sound better without needing turntables or records.

Best Scratch DJ features

Scratch has some great stuff going for it that makes it super handy for DJs at any level:

  • No Need for Expensive Equipment: The best part is you don't have to buy or use any DJ gear. This means you can save money and not stress about your equipment getting old or broken.
  • Cool Mixing and Scratching: You can play two songs at the same time, just like you would with real DJ equipment. You use your mouse to control the music, mixing tracks and creating scratch sounds that feel like the real deal.
  • Easy to Control: With a click of your mouse, you can hold a song in place and move it back and forth to scratch, just like you're using a real record.
  • Customize Your Sound: You can change how fast the turntable goes and how your hand moves on the record. This lets you make the scratch sounds exactly how you want them.
  • Make Your Own Tracks: The software lets you record your scratches as high-quality WAV files, so you can use them in your mixes.

Who can use Scratch?

Scratch is for anyone who wants to DJ, especially if you don't have turntables or records:

  • Beginners: If you're just starting out, Scratch is a great way to learn how to DJ without needing to buy any equipment.
  • Pros: Even if you're already good at DJing, Scratch is a useful tool to try new things or get ready for shows without wearing out your gear.

Other DJ software

There are other DJ programs out there too, if you're looking for different features:

  • Virtual DJ: This one's got everything you need to DJ, plus some cool visual effects for your music. It's easy to use and lets you share your sets online, which is great for parties.
  • DJ Studio - Free Music Mixer: This free app is perfect for beginners. It's super easy to use and lets you mix music in lots of different styles. You can also customize it to make it yours.
  • Virtual DJ Mixer: This free program for Windows is all about mixing and recording your music. It's simple to use and great for making your own mixes.

Scratch is changing the game for DJs by making it easier and cheaper to mix and scratch music.


  • Supports 16-bit 44.1k WAV files
  • Easy scratching


  • Outdated

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