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Arcade-style beat ‘em up game

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a remastered Ubisoft title. The original 2010 release was a 2D arcade beat ’em up with all the source material comics’ retro charm. The new title is just as amusing, but the added features take the gameplay to the next level.

Retro nostalgia

This game looks fantastic, with the retro aesthetics of the TMNT franchise, Simpsons Arcade, or even recent releases like Celeste. It awakens nostalgia in its original players and still manages to interest new ones. 

The art style pops, while the soundtrack boasts bops that’ll stay in your head for a long time. The creativity extends to the gameplay, with goofy-looking enemies to fight with a plethora of visual effects.

Battle the exes

Scott Pilgrim vs The World features a classic fighting game structure. You walk around and combat trivial enemies until you arrive at the boss fight. Pick up whatever’s around you to use as a weapon, kick, jump, punch, and otherwise improvise to win.

You’ll gather stat-boosting items as you play and uncover new abilities to amp your defenses and health points. Scott is the protagonist, but you can step in the shoes of other characters, including Ramona herself. Each hero has different skills that change up the gameplay.

Multiple gameplay options

You can play this game in single-player mode and have a great time, but this game truly shines when more players band together to beat the enemies. It allows up to four players for co-op locally or via WiFi. 

This release is a complete edition, including all DLCs, meaning that there are new available playable characters. Moreover, extra modes, such as Battle Royale and Zombie Hordes, are yours to explore once you finish the core story.

Our take

Although it relies on the player’s will to grind to some extent, the game is creative, funny, and insanely engaging. While not the epitome of fighting action, it’s a great standalone title.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoyed the 2010 game, this is an immersive blast from the past. If not, it’s still an amusing, albeit not that in-depth, retro brawler.


  • Nostalgic yet improved
  • Online and local co-op
  • Engaging gameplay and storytelling


  • Requires a bit of grinding

Program available in other languages

Scott Pilgrim vs The Worldfor Windows


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