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Fun game for your phone

If you like simple games that are not complicated, this is a game to try and win some gems along the way.

Simple but interesting game

The game is simple but can be addictive

Sand Balls is a game developed by metal mobile game you’ll find it distributed by SayGames website. The game is listed in the puzzle category and is suitable for everyone. It is available on playstore and is free to download for Android version 4.1 and above. The game takes up 25MB of your memory and is fun to play. This is one of those games that don’t need a manual to play and this makes it simple. There are no controls to master as you only use your finger. This simple game also doesn’t have much settings to change, unless you’d like to turn off or on the sound.

Once you’ve downloaded the game and launch it, you immediately start with the first level. Using your finger you can make a path through the sand for the balls to follow. The aim is to collect as many balls as possible and move them to a waiting truck. Along the way there are obstacles that you should avoid, otherwise some balls will not make it to the truck. This means that you can’t burrow through the sand at high speed as you may leave some balls. Not all obstacles are bad, the bombs will explode to clear more way for the balls. If you fail to collect enough balls the truck can’t move and that means you can’t go to the next level. You’ll have to restart the level.

After each completed level you earn gems. One can use the gems to get new balls. The game also includes some bonus levels in between the game levels. What is interesting is that as you go up the levels there are different obstacles making the game interesting. Be careful with some obstacles, as some of them will blow up all your balls or hold the balls from going down.

The game offers gifts, but it seems hard to collect them. The buttons don’t work and only the “no thanks” button works. But regardless you get your gems. It’s also not possible to move back up so it’s better to make sure you don’t leave some balls behind. The button to collect new car doesn’t work so it's easier to just collect the points earned.

Given it’s a free game, it comes with ads that can become irritating when you’re playing the game. But, you can download the game and play it offline and this way the ads will not disturb you.

Is there a better alternative?

If you like moving the balls, unblock ball is a game categorized with sand balls in the puzzle category. It involves guiding a ball to a goal. But unlike, sand balls it only involves one ball. Also in this same puzzle category rolls the balls. This game also involves guiding some balls into a hole. You guide the ball by tilting your device so the balls move in the direction you want. These are other alternative games to sand balls that are also easy to play and are not complicated.

Where can you run this game?

The game is available on devices running android 4.1+ operating system. You can download the game straight from your browser or get it from the playstore. Despite the fact that on the description it says the game is not designed for children, it is given a rating of 3+. This means the game is not harmful to children and can have it installed on their devices.

Our take

It’s a simple game to play and don't require much explanation to learn to play it. You simply drag your finger to make way for the balls to follow. The design is user-friendly and anyone can easily play the game. Since its release the game has regularly been updated. This is good as it shows the developers

Should you download it?

If you like a simple game to while away your time, then this free game is a good download. It’s a good choice for people who don’t like aggressive games that involve activities like running and fighting. There is almost no loosing in this game, as long as you collect enough balls you keep moving up the levels. You also play the game at your own pace without fear of loosing any points. To avoid constant ads you can play the game offline and you’ll easily move from one level to another.


  • Simple
  • User-friendly
  • Addictive


  • Too many ads
  • Free gifts buttons not working
  • Not possible to move back

Sand Ballsfor Android


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