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Saiko No Sutoka Halloween Edition - Added characters and features

Saiko no Sutoka: Halloween Edition is a survival horror game created by Habupain. It's a special version of the original "Saiko no Sutoka" game. You can play it on and Google Play, and it will soon be available on Steam. This Windows game offers an exciting and spooky experience with new characters and game modes that make the story of Akira Ishida, the main character, even more thrilling.

Who are the characters?

Saiko no Sutoka: Halloween Edition" features a compelling cast that drives the game’s narrative:

  • Akira Ishida: The central character, Akira, finds himself in dire situations involving his stalker and other antagonists. His decisions and actions are pivotal to navigating the game's dangers.
  • Saiko-chan: Once a mere stalker, now a zombie ally to Akira. Her dual role as helper and potential threat adds a layer of tension, as her increasing hunger could turn her against Akira.
  • Yui Ichikawa: The main antagonist, Yui's presence brings a threatening overlay to the game as she not only chases but also verbally torments Akira.
  • Hatsune Elissu: Another key antagonist, Elissu's interactions with Akira are filled with chase sequences that challenge the player's survival skills.
  • The Shrine Demon: A unique character who offers assistance to Akira. His role as a deuteragonist is crucial in helping the player manage the threats posed by Elissu and Yui.

Gameplay features

Saiko no Sutoka: Halloween Edition is built around four main game modes, each offering unique challenges and stories:

  • Dream (Awake): This is the starting mode where you choose to either bring Saiko back to life or get a weapon to face Yui.
  • Dream (Hunger): Continues from Dream (Awake). In this mode, Saiko is fully alive and very hungry, which could be dangerous for Akira.
  • Dream (Hell): In this scary setting, Akira is stuck in a burned forest being chased by Elissu. To escape, he must complete tasks given by the Shrine Demon.
  • Dream (Rotten): This is the final challenge where Akira faces both Yui and Elissu in a dangerous forest. It's only available after finishing the other modes.

What about the other game features?

Key Technological Features:

  • Realistic Graphics: The game uses high-quality graphics that make the spooky theme come alive.
  • Adaptive AI: The enemies learn from how you play, making each round different and challenging.
  • Interactive Environments: The game lets you interact with many things around you, which can help or hinder your progress depending on what you choose to do.

Saiko no Sutoka: Halloween Edition is more than just a game—it's a full-on adventure. 


  • Added game features
  • Fun and spooky
  • Great story


  • Buggy

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Saiko no sutoka Halloween Editionfor Windows


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