Reigns: Game of Thronesfor iOS



Swipe to rule your kingdom

Every decision you are faced with impacts certain areas of your world. You’ll need to select a character and rule your kingdom as you desire.

A thought-provoking story

Lovers of all that is Game of Thrones will enjoy this simplistic title.

You begin the game as Daenerys Targaryen. As you progress, you can unlock new members of the Game of Thrones family and change perspectives, which is a great way to keep the playthrough fresh.

Every member you play presents different challenges and tasks that relate specifically to that person’s story. This constant swap creates all the individual branches of the narrative.

Throughout the narrative, you must face ultimatums and questions that deal with the ruling of your kingdom. There is no middle ground or easy way out. You either swipe left or right when these options are put in front of you. This simple gesture, interestingly enough, builds a tense atmosphere.

Four factors are affected each time you make a decision. The strength of your military and religious favor are the first two you meddle with. State wealth and domestic popularity make up the other two parts. The balance of these factors changes depending on how you choose to answer questions and respond to events. It’s surprising how the smallest choices can have a huge impact on future events.

Once a specific factor reaches its minimum or maximum point, your character dies and you become a different character.

Activities like tavern brawling and jousting are included as minigames in gameplay, but they don’t add much to the overall scheme of the game. The visuals could also use a lot of work, as the graphics are rather lackluster.

Where can you run this program?

The game runs on iOS version 12.1.2 and later. It’s also available for Windows, Android, and Mac OS.

Is there a better alternative?

Many games may offer more enjoyment, but die-hard Game of Thrones fans will not want to move away from their world of fantasy. Reigns: The Council and Reigns: The Queen’s Choice are carbon copies with different stories.

Our take

Unless you are an avid lover of this franchise, you may notice yourself quickly growing bored. If you’re a GoT fan, though, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you are looking to lose yourself in the realm of fantasy, mystery, and intrigue, then this is a game to download.


  • Multiple endings
  • Original characters
  • Strategic play style


  • Poor graphics

Reigns: Game of Thronesfor iOS


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