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Futuristic battle royale game

PUBG: New State is the latest mobile title from the popular PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds series, now available for pre-registration on Android and iOS. The trailer shows enhanced graphics, adrenaline-packed battles, and a deeper exploration of the PUBG universe lore to capture players old and new.

PUBG universe addition

New State expands the world previously established in PUBG and PUBG: Mobile, with a more futuristic take on the multiplayer genre. 

It’s set in 2051 and introduces a brand-new map called Troi and a range of original weapons and vehicles, such as combat shields and drones. It resembles Call of Duty: Black Ops in its blend of military tech and an ultra-modern backdrop.

The latest title also provides a more in-depth backstory to the action-first game, as well as gameplay developments. Notably, in-battle weapon modification might become a real possibility.

Action-packed combat

Although it introduces fresh content, this game revolves around the familiar, exciting battle royale gameplay. 

It pits 100 players against each other in a massive, epic showdown. There’s the same pressure of the ever-shrinking Blue Zone, forcing players to stay vigilant as they’re fighting to survive.

Various weapons and their customization options open the doors to new strategies, spicing up the original formula. The brand-new tools and features promise to take immersion to the next level.

Ultra-realistic graphics

New State takes advantage of Global Illumination technology to take the mobile game graphics one step further. The massive, open-world maps appear realistic in the trailer, with detailed environments engaging you with the chaotic battles. 

The high-end design requires a more recent Android model. That is if you plan on running the game at the highest graphics setting.

Our take

Overall, it seems like New State packs quite a punch. The third game in the PUBG world looks better than ever before.

Should you download it?

Yes. Even if you haven’t played the earlier PUBG titles, the amount of work put into this one makes it a must-play for any mobile gamer that’s enthusiastic about battle royale.


  • Deep dive into the PUBG lore
  • Introduces a new map
  • Weapon customization options
  • Stunning graphics


  • Still in pre-release
  • Could be system-heavy

Program available in other languages

PUBG: NEW STATEfor Android

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