Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2)for Windows



Phantasy becomes reality for gamers

PSO2 returns to expand on the Phantasy Star universe in this sequel. It improves on the previous formula, providing more advanced combat systems.

Fast-action online adventure!

SEGA enhances the free online experience with amazing Japanese role-playing in Phantasy Star Online 2.

SEGA returns with another JRPG masterpiece in Phantasy Star Online 2. It brings back familiar themes, with new features and gaming content. Of course, there is a great emphasis on playing online with friends.

PSO2 features an enjoyable combat system with varying new fighting styles. However, this facet is slightly marred by the repetitive grinding that forms part of the nature of online RPGs these days. Furthermore, you may have to wait a long time in the lobby before you can join any of the dungeon-crawling action.

Phantasy Star Online 2 presents great graphics with amazing detail. It welcomes new fantasy settings, bringing new environments for you to face enemies. The only drawback is the menus, which may be confusing to new players. Moreover, the quests become overly complicated with the different types of missions on which you can embark.

Where can you run this program?

PSO2 is available on Windows 10.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. However, PSO2 draws in major fans of the series. Similar games in the online RPG realm include World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Blessed Unleashed, Warframe, and Monster Hunter.

Our take

Phantasy Star Online 2 delivers massive content with stunning graphics. It will certainly keep you busy for months on end with its varying styles and engaging combat.

Should you download it?

Yes. You won’t regret getting involved with this fantasy universe full of magical lore and immersive storylines.


  • Free to play
  • Loads of content
  • Enjoyable combat system
  • Various play styles
  • Detailed graphics


  • Confusing quests and menus
  • Repetitive grinding
  • Lobby waiting time

Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2)for Windows


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