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PDF Extra: A Convenient PDF Management App

PDF Extra is a great app for those who need to organize their PDF files. This app helps you manage your PDF files in one place, keep track of important documents, and create a backup of your documents. You can also share and collaborate with your colleagues, clients, and customers.

With PDF Extra, you can easily organize your PDF files and folders, making it simple to find and access the documents you need. The app provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate through your files and folders effortlessly. You can create custom folders and subfolders to further organize your PDFs.

One of the standout features of PDF Extra is its ability to keep track of important documents. You can mark documents as favorites or add tags to easily locate them later. This is especially useful for users who work with a large number of PDF files and need to quickly find specific documents.

PDF Extra also allows you to create a backup of your documents, ensuring that your important files are safe and secure. You can easily export your PDFs to cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, or save them locally on your device or computer.

Collaboration is made easy with PDF Extra. You can easily share your PDF files with colleagues, clients, and customers, allowing for seamless collaboration and feedback. The app supports various sharing options, including email, messaging apps, and social media platforms.

Overall, PDF Extra is a convenient app for managing and organizing your PDF files. Its user-friendly interface, document tracking capabilities, backup features, and collaboration options make it a valuable tool for professionals and individuals alike.

PDF Extrafor Windows


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