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Ola Driver is the business version of the Ola Cabs ride-hailing app. With Ola Driver, individuals can earn money by driving others to their destinations for a charge. The app is available for drivers to use in India primarily, but also in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.


Ola Driver functions like many other ride-hailing apps; download the app, register with the company, and begin driving to earn cash. Ola differs from other apps in some ways, such as operating only in the aforementioned countries with India as its biggest market. However, unlike some competitors, Ola offers car leasing rather than rentals.

The difference between leasing a car and renting is the duration of the contract. Leasing is generally much longer-term than rental. Ola leases through the Ola Partner app and it comes with added benefits. These benefits include free servicing at Ola partners, free accident car insurance, and more.


Reviews mention that the app does not function properly. The drivers are being shorted on payments, there are miscalculations, and customers are taking advantage of the drivers. The app appears to be full of bugs and fails to accomplish its goals. The income has drastically been reduced for the driver over the app’s lifespan, to the point where the “expenses out-weigh the income,” provided by Ola Driver.


Ola’s most prominent competition is India’s largest ride-hailing company, Uber. Uber performs much of the same duties as Ola, with a competitive app equivalent to Ola Driver called Uber Driver. Uber’s performance on a global scale dwarfs that of even the most popular ride-hailing apps in India such as Ola and their other competition. Like Ola, Uber also provides vehicle rental to its drivers.

Ola has competition in the form of carpooling apps such as Sride, which takes away business from the users of Ola Driver. This forces drivers to seek other forms of income, potentially leaving Ola behind.

Our take

Ola puts the customer first over the driver behind the wheel. The app’s glitches and shortcomings make it a poor choice for a primary source of income. Beyond that, the benefits of a leased vehicle are not unique enough to outweigh the negatives.

Should you download it?

No. There are superior alternatives.


  • Vehicle Leasing


  • Bugs and other technical issues
  • High cost, low income
  • Overshadowed by competitors

Ola Driverfor Android

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