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No, Fungible Tokens! Review

No, Fungible Tokens! is a free collective digital collection game where players aim to collect all 10,000 digital cards with the help of other players from the community. Players receive one free card a day, but can also enter unique codes to redeem additional cards. This game is similar to other digital card collection games, but there is no game mechanic beyond collecting the cards in No, Fungible Tokens!

The developer of No, Fungible Tokens! created this game as a social experiment loosely based on NFTs. Players must cooperate and share with others in order to collect all the cards. However, the game itself does not provide any facility for this cooperation, forcing players to communicate through forums and social media.

The 10,000 digital cards in No, Fungible Tokens! are divided into different types, indicated by their border color. White cards are the most common, followed by bronze, silver, gold, and a unique blue card. Each card features a number, a pixel art character, a name, and a code that can be shared with other players.

In addition to incentivizing player cooperation, the game offers streak bonuses for playing every day. These bonuses can be used to redeem more codes and collect cards faster. The game has basic graphics, some audio, and various options for viewing the collected cards.


  • Simple gameplay suitable for any level
  • Game offers bonuses for consistent use
  • Every card is unique
  • Encourages player community working together


  • No social/sharing component in the game itself
  • Graphics are quite basic

No, Fungible Tokens!for Windows


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