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Classic Solitaire, a game that never gets boring

We often associate this iconic game with other oldie but goodie games like Minesweeper. Sadly, Microsoft has stopped automatically offering these games in newer versions. Brush up on the rules of solitaire and get ready to make it into a habit again.

Some classics never get old

Classic Solitaire for Windows 10 lets you customize different features of the game for a personalized experience.

Solitaire, also known as Patience in Europe, has been our best friend through the slowest work days and events of internet disconnection. Runserver is offering a free classic solitaire download containing all the traditional components.

Experiment with new strategies to win solitaire

Simply undo a faulty move. The game has an undo button which can help you play the game more thoughtfully. You'll use this component a lot if you're figuring out how to win solitaire fast.

Like you would in a real solitaire game, you can opt for a redeal. However, this app offers a limited number of redeals.

You call the shots

Classic Solitaire for Windows 10 lets you customize different features of the game for a personalized experience.

Deal either a single or three cards when you feel like switching things up. Altering the number of cards you wish to put to waste and pass is done on the menu found under the dealing table.

You have the option to switch up the point system to Standard, Vegas, and None. The default scoring system is the Standard mode where times and moves earn you points. The game restarts when you alter the options. So be careful when changing the game options.

Left-handed users can fix the game layout for a more convenient play with the Left-hand mode. Play with a timer and sound effects or remove them.

There are a variety of card designs you can set your deck in. You can pick between any of the Retro and New themes. The app also offers three field modes which let you adjust the way the cards are displayed.

Where can you run this program?

Get a taste of nostalgia and play Classic Solitaire. Install it on your Windows desktop, laptop, mobile devices and Xbox One now.

Is there a better alternative?

Other game modes like Spider Solitaire, Diplomat, and more are supported by 123 Free Solitaire. It's a good alternative for the Classic Solitaire we all know and love.

Our take

This app does not stray too far away from the solitaire we are accustomed to. However, it lacks other features like Hints and contains ads which may discourage players from getting the game on their PC.

Should you download it?

This is good for killing time when you don’t have an internet connection. But don’t download this app if you get bored easily.


  • Straightforward
  • Supports 4 languages
  • Free


  • Contains ads
  • No 'Hint' feature

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Classic Solitairefor Windows


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