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Half of the fun in shoe collecting is the rush you get when brands hype pairs app in unique and quirky ways. This Nike app will make your sneakerhead life all the more exciting.

An app made especially for Nike loyalists

It lets you purchase the hottest sneakers through the app directly without having to wait hours outside the Nike store.

Avid fans who have dedicated years and good fractions of their paychecks are going to enjoy this app. It’s an encompassing software that will allow you to be updated on the ongoing and brewing releases of the brand. 

It contains stories of inspiration, benefits, as well as the historical significance of every release. You’ll basically get a hold of the insider news from Nike itself so you know it’s legit. Sneaker circles can connect on the app. Stay in touch with your pals and get to share your latest scores through the app. You can even exchange news and start discussions through the app. 

Cop ‘em all

This app took Nike fans by storm with their scavenger hunt event for Virgil Abloh’s Air Force 1 Low. Stash feature uses geolocation technology—the same tech used by Pokemon Go— to encourage users to explore certain spots in their city.

From there, app users can locate and scan a picture with their AR camera. Once the app recognizes the image, the app unlocks an exclusive pair to the user. You can use this to get a hold of sneakers way before its commercial release.

As for the shopping experience, the app knows how much a second can make or break your chances of getting yourself the pair you want. It lets you purchase the hottest sneakers through the app directly without having to wait hours outside a store.

However, there are too many bots that riddle this app. It remains unsolved and has given birth to the current state of this app’s reviews. Most of the reviews you can see about this Nike sub-site may seem alarming.

Where can you run this program?

Android and iOS users can walk the streets with dope shoes that drive hypebeasts crazy by downloading this app today.

Is there a better alternative?

Finish Line reviews are always peppered with praise. It’s because this sneaker buy and sell app does a lot for its buyers like personalized shopping, feeds, and more which improve the lives.

Our take

SNKRS is a good way to participate in the various stunts that the brand pulls up. However, a smooth sailing shopping experience isn’t what you’re always gonna get.

Should you download it?

Yes. People who love the brand will enjoy this even if the shopping element is often faulty.

Nike SNKRSfor Android


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