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A sandbox, supernatural-inspired MMO

New World is a new video game by Amazon Game Studios that seeks to become the next big thing among MMORPG games. Its sandbox approach to a beautiful, well-designed world promises an ever-changing gameplay experience.

Comprehensive gameplay options

This beautifully-designed game appears to focus on painting a picture of a realistic fantasy world that lets you be whatever you want as you fight to survive.

Amazon’s upcoming game places you on the shores of Aeternum, in a reimagined, supernatural version of 17th century North America. The problem is that the world is seeded with evil, looking to destroy humanity and it’s up to you to stop it.

New World gives you full control over your character and its design. There are various armor types, weapon tiers, and skill trees, which lead to a distinction between the two playstyles. Depending on your preference, you could go for an aggressive fighter, a healer, or anything in between.

The mechanics are highly detailed, attributing various skills to each weapon you choose, and having your weight affect your speed and agility. It could be a lot to grasp for a new player, but it leaves a lot of room for mixing and matching in your character creation.

There are also various gameplay modes, from adventure single-player campaigns to action player-versus-player operations to add a social element to the mix. Most notably, the War Mode features 50-on-50 action with detailed initiation mechanics, representing an authentic approach to the gameplay.

Where can you run this program?

This upcoming game will only run on PCs running the latest Windows 10 version.

Is there a better alternative?

No, or at least it’s hard to say until the game becomes available. While you wait, however, you could try out other games in the meantime. Titles such as Conan Exiles, Gloria Victis, or Rend all feature a similar atmosphere as the one shown in New World's trailer.

Our take

If you're to trust the official trailer, this game will look amazing. The atmosphere, mechanics, and gameplay options seem highly-detailed and engaging, making everybody rightfully excited about its potential.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re a fan of open-world MMOs, this should be a thrilling title to watch out for. You will be able to play New World when it comes out sometime in early 2021.

New Worldfor Windows


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