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If you like to keep an eye on how well your favorite team is playing while you’re on the go, NavScore may be your solution. It offers up-to-date live sports scores, stats, and streams. From soccer to basketball and more, the free Android app covers a wide variety of sports. 

Sports on the go

There are plenty of live sports score apps available now, from Sports Score to 360 Live Score, and beyond. Some of them focus on particular sports, whereas others offer extra channels of content. 

NavScore falls into the latter camp. Even though it’s primarily a sports app, it functions more like a streaming hub for multiple content channels. 

Ads and user-friendliness

The app does warn you when you first open it that third-party companies provide the ads, and as such, they’re liable to collect some of your personal data. This is a common practice for many free apps. However, there’s always the chance an ad is provided by a less than reputable company.

Although NavScore didn’t show any ads we haven’t seen in plenty of other apps, it did feel like the app is full of them. Every action requires watching a video, whether it’s navigating to the soccer section, checking notifications, or trying to watch one of the included channels.

Lack of content

It’s also worth noting that NavScore, like some other sports-related apps, may be region-appropriate. In other words, it might only be able to show you sports from wherever you are. However, when we used it, there was no content at all.

The main dashboard is divided into ‘Navscore’ and ‘Categories.’ The former has links to channels such as MTV, Star TV, and 9XM. None of them worked. If they did, it would be possible to cast the stream to a relevant device (if your Android device has a cast feature).

Our take

NavScore promises a lot for a free app, but then doesn’t deliver on any of it. Many customer reviews note that it’s incredibly unreliable, too. However, even if it did work, the sheer amount of ads is infuriating and instantly makes this app not worth anyone’s time.

Should you download it?

No. It’s unreliable and full of ads.

Navscorefor Android


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