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Live sports TV streaming on the go

Live Sports TV Streaming is an Android application that allows you to stream a range of sports programming to your phone or another Android device with ease.

A wide range of content available

Live Sports TV Streaming provides access to a large selection of sports programming, including things like live football, cricket, boxing, basketball, baseball, and many more. There is a mixture of live programming and on-demand content, such as past matches and events like Champions League or Fifa World Cup.

Keep track of results

If you do not want to watch a live stream, there is also the option to have live scores or commentary, as well as check upcoming fixtures or scheduled events. The information available can be limited if the team you are interested in is relatively low profile, but a large selection of events is available on the app. Don't miss the best moments in Qatar of your favorite team!

A free, user-friendly streaming app

Live Sports TV Streaming makes use of ads, which it plays before and during streams. The app is free, and there is no option to pay to remove ads. The streams themselves can be found in both HD and lower quality options, which helps to make the app more useable for people using a slower than average Internet connection. That being said, there is considerably more low definition content. HD content is clearly marked but can be hard to find.

Dedicated but not always reliable

Unlike similar apps like Sports Live TV APK, this app is dedicated to sports only, and compares favorably to similar sports streaming apps like Vola Sports APK. The app has a tendency in some situations to get stuck buffering or to play stuttering video. Some users report this as happening during the bigger events, which may indicate it is a server problem.

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live sports tv streamingfor Android


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