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Naruto: Shippuden Theme Review

Naruto: Shippuden Theme is a full desktop theme for Windows 7 users. Fans of the popular anime series will enjoy dressing up their desktop with a variety of high-quality images from the fifth installment of the Naruto: Shippuden series. The theme features several popular characters, including Naruto, Sakura, and Konohamaru, among others. The images capture the darker themes of the installment, with a reddish hue and prison settings.

One of the highlights of Naruto: Shippuden Theme is the high resolution of the desktop backgrounds. The images are taken directly from the series, providing fans with an immersive experience. The theme includes several backgrounds to choose from, allowing users to customize their desktop to their liking.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider. The range of characters depicted in the theme is relatively narrow, which may disappoint some fans who were hoping to see more of their favorite characters. Additionally, the theme does not include any customized icons, which could have added an extra touch of personalization.

Overall, Naruto: Shippuden Theme is a nice but simple theme pack for fans of the anime series. It offers high-quality images and a variety of backgrounds to choose from, but falls short in terms of character variety and customized icons.

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Naruto: Shippuden Themefor Windows

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