PangoBrightfor Windows


Low resource usage

PangoBright is a free utility that lets you adjust the level of light emitted by their screen. The app works on multiple monitors and uses minimal system resources.

Handles multiple monitors

PangoBright is a lightweight application that lets you adapt the brightness of your monitors.

PangoBright is a unique brightness controlling application that does not require installation. Once you have it downloaded and activated, it’ll show up in your sidebar and other utilities. When you launch the software, it is ready for you to use.

It is extremely light on your system’s resources. The Exe file is small, at around 100 bytes in size, and will not affect any applications, videos, or games and their performance while the software is running.

The application cannot automatically adjust its brightness levels or the amount of blue light present. Performing such a task would cause more resource strain on your system.

However, PangoBright is still safe to use, and it can adjust the brightness levels of more than one monitor at a time, all at individual levels. This makes it ideal for DJs and anyone working in an environment with different intensities of light.

Where can you run this program?

PangoBright is available for Windows XP and up.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. PangoBright is a great application; however, it doesn’t change based on the time of the day like F.lux, which helps ease your eyes from blue light.

Our take

PangoBright is a great way to adjust your screen’s brightness whenever the occasion arises.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need a way to change your monitor’s brightness manually, this is a great choice.


  • No installation
  • Set individual monitor brightness
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t automatically adjust

Program available in other languages

PangoBrightfor Windows

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