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Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys

Nancy Drew is a well-known name that stands for exciting mysteries and fun gameplay. The latest game in this series, Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys, takes players on a thrilling adventure to the beautiful city of Prague. It is for Windows systems. As the detective Nancy Drew, players are on a mission to solve the case of a stolen valuable necklace, which leads them into a complex web of cybercrime, ancient legends, and cultural threats.

Engaging story

Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys mixes historical intrigue with a modern mystery. The game is set in Prague and combines real history with exciting detective challenges. Players get to explore detailed 3D places and solve puzzles that help them learn about medieval alchemy and legends. Here's what makes the story exciting:

  • Complex Mystery: The story starts with a stolen necklace and grows into a bigger plot involving cybercrime that threatens Prague’s old culture.
  • Interactive Environment: The game’s settings, from old streets to ancient buildings, are full of details, making the exploration feel real and exciting.
  • Dynamic Challenges: The game includes many puzzles that are fun to solve and help move the story forward.

Character list

The characters in "Mystery of the Seven Keys" are as diverse as Prague itself, each adding to the story:

  • Adela Čzerná: A world-traveling businesswoman with secrets that might help solve the case.
  • Patricie Vítkovci: The owner of a popular café who knows a lot about the local community.
  • Oskar Dvořák: A museum curator whose pride might be hiding something important.
  • Vladéna Zlatý: An expert in gems whose knowledge is crucial to the mystery.
  • Eliška “Elka” Strojník: A tech-savvy student who might have the skills to solve digital clues.
  • Marek Strojník: An old craftsman who cherishes the past, adding a traditional flavor to the story.
  • Radek Nepovím: A puppeteer who brings the cultural aspects of Prague into the game.
  • Leo Sokol: An elder with deep knowledge of Prague’s history, helping Nancy on her quest.
  • Zane Garrett: A cybersecurity expert whose skills are key to solving the cybercrime linked to the theft.

Can you play Nancy Drew games online?

The great thing about the Nancy Drew games is that you can play some of them online for free. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Free Play: You can play several classic Nancy Drew mini-games online without paying anything.
  • Easy Access: These games can be played right on your computer through a web browser.
  • Variety: There is a selection of different games available, each with unique puzzles and stories.

Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys is a portal to a world full of secrets, puzzles, and historical adventures. With a great story, interactive gameplay, and educational content, it sets a new bar for detective games.


  • Features dual navigation
  • Allows players to re-read previous dialogue


  • Most expensive game of the franchise

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Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keysfor Windows


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