Monopoly at Macca'sfor Android



Big prizes, big winnings

Receive tickets or chance cards when you buy at Mcdonalds, redeem your tickets, and use this app to win prizes. Monopoly at Macca’s brings a fun element of gamification to fast food.

Scan and win

You could win prizes and add a little more fun to your McDonald’s experience, provided that the app works.

The app lets you log in to your Monopoly at Macca’s account and scan Monopoly tickets you receive by eating at McDonald's. Wherever you land gives you a one-in-five chance of winning a prize. You have a good probability of winning, so the more you eat at McDonald's, the more you could claim prizes. 

For a rewards app, the gameplay is fun and has that classic Monopoly feel that will appeal to fans of the board game. The prizes are good, too; you can win something small like a burger, or take pleasure with your brand new car or holiday escapade.

When it comes to user experience, the app is not enjoyable, as logging in and loading the app can take several minutes and lead to a frustrating start. The issues continue from there, with error codes appearing after account login and during most other activities. With a frequency of errors, you're bound to be waiting for the problem to resolve than actually playing. 

What takes away from the enjoyment the most is that the scanning function also raises concerns, with most tickets needed to be entered manually. Even then, the system could still crash, and while the ticket is registered, data may be lost. You won't be able to redeem that ticket or take advantage of the the winning prize.

Where can you run this program?

This app requires Android 6.0 or above.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This is the only app you can use to win prizes at McDonald’s.

Our take

The app is a nice concept for winning prizes, just by eating at McDonald’s: however, it can do with some bug fixes to make an overall appealing app. 

Should you download it?

No. If you want to play and win prizes, this app won’t deliver for the majority of cases.


  • Fun games
  • Good prizes


  • Error messages
  • Scanning issues
  • Long loading times
  • Data losses

Monopoly at Macca'sfor Android


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