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Mighty DOOM is a free-to-play Android shooting game based on the iconic DOOM series from Bethesda. The title is fun to play and features many nostalgic items and enemies to discover. These iconic references get further enhanced by the animated style of this mobile game. 

Mighty DOOM isn’t without its issues, such as device support, as it often lags and can even crash at times without warning. However, despite the problems, the game provides a fun experience if your device can run it. The gameplay is similar to alternative mobile apps but offers the unique setting of the DOOM universe.


Mighty DOOM uses many iconic weapons and enemies from the franchise’s universe. The frequent use of old designs feels nostalgic and helps to immerse you in the already developed world of DOOM. Additionally, finding these weapons may invoke deja-vu if you’ve used them in one of the previous DOOM titles.

Fun yet challenging

Mighty DOOM uses popular game mechanics that create a fun environment where fighting demons is a strategic and enjoyable pastime. Fusing multiple items allows you to craft legendary counterparts that may make the difference between life or death. Unlocking abilities as you progress keeps the gameplay fresh and always offering a new experience.

Easy to play

The controls for Mighty DOOM use a basic layout that’s easy to use. Additionally, the interface of the menu provides quick navigation and access to your equipment. With a single tap, you’ll swap weapons quickly.

Lag issues

Mighty DOOM’s major flaw is its lag and display issues which frequently occur as the game is poorly optimized. The low framerate causes the title to become unplayable, ruining the gaming experience. Additionally, this will affect how long you play as it drains your phone’s battery.

Our take

Mighty DOOM is a clever game that uses nostalgic and iconic weapons and scenery. However, the title fails due to its lack of support on many Android devices, thus requiring too many resources. Fortunately, as a fun alternative, you can try DOOM, DOOM II, and Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade.

Should you download it?

Yes. Mighty DOOM is a fun shooter for your mobile device. If you’re a fan of the DOOM series, the app is worth installing.


  • Iconic locations
  • Easy controls
  • Iconic weapons
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Gameplay frequently lags on older devices

Mighty DOOMfor Android


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