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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a pard RPG title that provides a few changes to the original Mass Effect trilogy. This remaster is a fun way to experience new features, such as an improved character creator. 

Mass Effect is an RPG series known for its story and your choices have an impact on the sci-fi world and its characters. Legendary Edition takes the tales from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 and improves the graphics, but while including all previously released content. The character customization options surpass previous versions of the games and alternative RPGs like Fallout 4.

Full series

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a combination of the trilogy of titles that tell Commander Shepherd's tale, from start to finish. All three games can be played through one launcher and are downloaded at once, making the title occupy large disk space on your PC.

Additionally, playing them in order will transfer the decisions made as you progress through each title. This is a feature that very few other games have implemented.

Choose wisely

The Mass Effect series is known for its third-person gameplay and various choices made throughout the story, along with some light RPG mechanics. Choosing who to take with you on missions may mean the difference between life and death for that character. Every relationship you have in-game will affect the ending in one way or another.

Improved graphics

The graphic system for Mass Effect Legendary Edition is amazing, improving both gameplay and cutscene visuals. This creates a more immersive experience. From the world to your character and even enemies, all models have been improved and better shaders implemented.

Character customization

Using the character creator allows for many new customization options. Hair, eyes, makeup, and skin tones all look visually stunning as you equip them in-game. All options are available across the trilogy, keeping your character similar as you finish one game and begin the next.

Our take

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a brilliant remastering of the original Mass Effect trilogy. The upgraded graphics impose high system requirements but look astounding. Weapon aim and balance feels more accurate, providing a better gameplay experience than previous versions.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’ve been waiting for the remastered Mass Effect trilogy or wanted to experience the games and their story, this title is worth the download.


  • Includes 3 games and all their DLC
  • Create and customize your character
  • Enhanced visuals on a classic saga
  • Choices matter


  • High system requirements

Mass Effect Legendary Editionfor Windows


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