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If you're looking for a clean web code editor, look no further

Brackets is an open-source web development text editor. It's perfect for anyone working in HTML, CSS, PHP, or any other web-based programming language. If you've never used it, discover why Brackets is the top-of-the-line source code editor.

Clean code, your way

Developers will find features present in Brackets that will boost productivity and efficiency.

Right on the first try

Adobe's Brackets is a lightweight, easy-to-use code editing platform. If you want to write or edit HTML documents or JavaScript, then Brackets is the best tool available. 

Brackets automatically highlights parts of your code to increase readability. You'll save time trying to read your HTML and focus more on writing it.

You use the live preview in Brackets so you can see your pages and styles as you make them. You won't have to upload to your server just to see the changes you've made.

Code hints and color palettes are here as well. If you're newer to web design and development, Brackets has your back. You can get code hints to complete your tags. When you set text or background color rules, color palettes will appear for you to choose the exact shade you want. You can get the right color the first time.

Brackets offers a free extension manager so that you can get more tools to make your work easier. These are free plug-ins developed by the Brackets community. You can also download new themes for Brackets, code minifiers, or beautifiers. Users can take advantage of these free extensions or make their own. 

Is there a better alternative?

Brackets is the best web development code editor available. A similar program would be Notepad++, but it's not as visually pleasing or easy to use. Notepad++ also lacks the extensibility found in Brackets.

Where can you run this program?

Brackets is available for Windows, MacOS, and most Linux builds.

Our take

Brackets is an incredibly powerful and useful program for source code editing. The syntax highlighting and live preview puts it head-and-shoulders above every other text editor you'll find. The extension manager just rally more points in its favor.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're a web developer who enjoys a direct, hands-on approach, then Brackets is your go-to program.


  • Free
  • Code auto-complete
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Extendable with plug-ins
  • Live preview


  • No support for non-web programming
  • Updates must be manual applied
  • Can be slow to open

Bracketsfor Windows


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