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Brackets is an open-source web development text editor made for web and front-end developers. Lightweight and crafted with programmers and web developers in mind, the app streamlines the coding process, facilitating the ease of sharing of work over a variety of platforms. Brackets app excels at HTML files and JavaScript code, but works with CSS, PHP, and whichever programming language best suits your needs.

Brackets is a market-leading product with programmers writing for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or Visual Studio Code. As a development tool, it rivals with utility tools like Notepad++, even surpassing it in a few ways, namely in its clean presentation, improved readability, and extensive plug-ins developed by the Brackets community. The app is lightweight and free, it’s worth a download for novice and veteran coders alike.

Improve productivity and reduce errors

Regardless of your experience with coding, Brackets is an excellent resource that expedites the coding process and eliminates mistakes as you go. Whether you’re working files for retooling or creating a new script from the ground up, features like the code completion and automatic color highlights make it easy to tell where you are in coding, identify mistakes and typos, and assist with code syntax.

The app has a useful Quick Edit option that can provide assistance as you code, granting a simple workspace for coding tasks and saving you time. Quick Edit puts any context-specific code and tools inline, rather than leaving them to clutter up your coding environment. This helps to better organize tasks, maintain good compartmentalization, and create an overall simpler workspace. 

When it comes to pushing code, Brackets also has a handy Live Preview function that works directly with Google Chrome or other preferred browsers. This enables the viewing of pages and style changes as you make them, and eliminates the need for a server upload just to view the edits. Similarly, code hints and customizable color palettes are surprisingly helpful features.

While code hints and color palettes are not unusual perks for a web development text editor, they should not be overlooked in their usefulness. Notepad++, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Gamemaker use color palettes as well. Like putting bumpers on a car, however, it’s a great way to prevent accidents, as well as readily identify mistypes and improper formatting, taking them out of the equation when troubleshooting.

Brackets’ parameter hints include auto-updates for bug fixes and notifications, linting, and a ‘jump to definition’ function for quickly defining new terminology. Since the app is open-source, many of Brackets’ plug-ins are modifications designed by the community. The app receives monthly updates which can be organized via the in-app extension manager. This manager requires no additional download and can be found directly in the File menu.

Brackets vs. Notepad++

Notepad++ is another popular text editor program that has many functions similar to Brackets. Experienced coders will likely find either option agreeable, but there are some small differences between the two. While both Brackets and Notepad++ supports plug-ins, they are more necessary with the former app. The Brackets app requires several plug-ins to be downloaded and installed to compete with various features that Notepad++ already has intrinsically.

Many of these features are niche-specific, such as showing whitespace, end of lines, indentation guides, or a search recall. As such, coders moving from Notepad++ to Brackets may find some unfamiliar downgrades. New coders, on the other hand, will benefit more from Brackets as it’s more aesthetically clean, easier to read, and maintains an overall better UI. As an added point in Brackets’ favor, Notepad++ only runs on Windows, and Linux users can only run the app via Wine.

Code with speed and confidence

Brackets is a lightweight app, simple UI with numerous features that are easy to use, and overall a strong top-of-the-line text editor. While the initial installation process can take time, it’s worth the wait. Its syntax highlighting and live preview capabilities make it easy to start writing code, reduce the number of mistakes, and an excellent app for web designers who favor a hands-on approach.

It’s also worth mentioning that, available under the MIT License, Brackets is a free and open-source software that takes up little space. Brackets app is currently maintained on GitHub by Adobe and other open-source developers. If you’re uncertain whether coding is for you, this is a great way to find out.


  • Lightweight app
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Live Preview function
  • Large community with extensive plug-ins


  • Slow installation
  • Some tools require additional download

Program available in other languages

Bracketsfor Windows


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