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Deck-building, roguelike, roleplaying game

Loop Hero by Four Quarters and Devolver Digital is an indie release that puts you in an infinite loop game, where your decisions determine the hero’s fate. The game applies card-style battles and territorial development, blending the simple mechanic with strategic thinking and a well-written, overarching narrative.

Face the amnesia

This game has a disturbing premise. The Lich threw your world into an eternal loop, plunging the inhabitants into a state of amnesia and never-ending chaos.

You’re an adventurer with the task of making everything right again. Choose a character among classic RPG classes with unique starter decks. Then set out on an expedition along a randomly generated path to kill monsters, while remembering parts of your past.

The deck-building aspect resembles Slay the Spire. While the cards can help you in combat, they also work as a narrative device, making every choice feel significant.

Story-driven gameplay

This RPG combines town-building, dungeon-building, and deck-building elements, all into one game.

As you travel the land, you’ll uncover landmarks, monsters, and weapons. Each battle you win awards you with loot, items that make you stronger, and new landmarks. The cards serve to rebuild your world, one monument at a time, weaving a narrative element into the gameplay.

The controls differ from similar-style titles, as you don’t control every move your hero makes. The adventurer moves autonomously, and you perform three action types to alter what happens:

  • Outfitting - managing the equipment and battle gear
  • World-building - dropping landmarks and buildings around the terrain
  • City planning - developing the camp between rounds

It’s on you, to balance these three tasks towards the ultimate goal.

Simple indie graphics

The game features grainy, pixelated, 2D graphics. It could be an eyesore for modern gamers, but the aesthetics are still immersive, especially in tandem with the background music.

The atmosphere has the Darkest Dungeon-like air of pessimism, but the setup is more classic RPG-style. It also has action elements like Ancient Dungeon VR. The visuals might not seem polished, but they build a unique experience.

Our take

Loop Hero is a well-executed, intriguing title. The slow start quickly picks up, creating an engaging adventure.

Should you download it?

Yes. You’ll quickly find yourself lost in this strange little world, always coming back for a second or third playthrough.


  • Narrative-driven gameplay
  • Various available classes
  • Continual upgrades
  • Excellent mechanics blend
  • High replayability


  • Outdated graphics
  • Takes a bit to get into

Loop Herofor Windows


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