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Learn to let go with this app

More people are trying to break free from the habit of hoarding and living in excess. Studies have shown that neat environments actually improves concentration and creativity. It gets pretty challenging trying to sort through and get rid of clutter.

letgo makes decluttering fuss-free

Letting go is made easier by the app’s very own Emma. She is the app’s AI virtual assistant that gives you advice.

With its user-friendly interface, the app lets you score cheap steals and at the same time, allow you to have a platform for selling stuff in your neighborhood.

There’s a ton of interesting and cheap finds that await you. You’ll find over 200 million listings, all of which are respectively categorized. Shoes, cars, clothes, real estate and more are found on this buy and sell app.

Once you’ve taken interest in a listing, you can message the buyer within the app to arrange deals and shipment.

The AI virtual assistant was launched in 2018 to give tips on how to make a listing more appealing and visible to potential buyers.

There’s a reason why it’s one of the best apps and websites to sell stuff locally.

Get buyer statistics ASAP

It has image recognition which helps seller approximate how fast their product will sell. For example, one the system has recognized that you’ve taken a photo of furniture, it’ll notify you that it might take over a week before it gets bought from you. Plus, the app makes listing easier. It’s actually one of the first apps to introduce automatic titling and categorizing of your merch.

“Is letgo safe?” you ask.

Well, they protect users by having their team of trust & safety experts work with local law enforcement. Over 50 states are covered by them. Victims of criminal activity receive assistance from the app in making legal measures. The app discourages users to post stolen goods and products that harm intellectual property. Subsequently, the app takes down such listings due to its zero-tolerance policy.

Where can you run this program?

Download it on any iOS and Android device. If you don’t feel like making a commitment by installing the app, you can run the website on any browser.

Is there a better alternative?

You probably already have a letgo alternative installed right now. Facebook can also be used as an app for selling stuff online. If you’re always on Facebook, you might it easier to handle all your business in just one app.

Our take

The app is good for compartmentalizing. If you don’t want to mix your social life and your business, this will allow you to manage it separately to minimize confusion.

Should you download it?

Yes! It's totally understandable if you want to download this app. After all, it has over 50 million downloads and a pretty impressive rating of 4.5 stars. Tidy up today with letgo.


  • Offers automatic listing
  • Assists sellers with image recognition
  • Works in over 50 states


  • Seller rating needs improvement

Program available in other languages

letgofor Android


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