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You may know this app through its website counterpart if you’re a full-pledged Otaku. But if you’re new to the scene, consider yourself lucky. KissAnime will make it easier for anime enthusiasts to watch our favorite Japanese animated shows.

Get two for one

The app makes it easy to watch anime and stay entertained on your phone.

Anime veterans know that GoGoAnime and KissAnime are two of the best websites to watch anime for free. This app is a collaboration between the two brands. Viewers of either of the two don’t have who they’ll be giving their loyalty to. Upon picking an episode to watch, the app will let you choose a provider for that episode. GoogleStream, Streamango, and Rapidvideo, are just some of the sources found on the selection.

No anime watching experience is complete without well-loved classics like Naruto, Death Note and more. You can watch these titles online through the app. Nearly 20 anime genres are offered on this app. The streaming platform’s collection includes Action, Thriller, Mystery, Shounen, and so on.

The app has a search engine for easy navigation. This feature allows you to find titles instantly. You no longer need to scroll through an endless menu of shows just to find what you’re looking for.

Watch it your way 

Pick a translation method you are more accustomed to because both subtitles and dubbed shows are supported. There no need to beat yourself up over the ongoing debate over which one is more superior. 

Interacting with the app is a fuss-free experience. You won’t find excessive buttons that can easily confuse. Essential features like the rewind and full-screen buttons are found and accessed immediately. Now you can see your senpais on big screens without struggling to locate the toggle.

Sharing is caring! The app also allows you to send links to your friends on the app so they can watch it, too. 

Where can you run this program?

Get an APK for the KissAnime website on trusted sites. Stream on this portal through your Android smartphones and devices.

Is there a better alternative?

If this app hasn’t impressed you, you might want to check out FunimationNow. The anime streaming app allows you to enjoy subbed and dubbed shows for free. You can also opt for an ad-free watching experience by getting a subscription plan.

Our take

The platform has been in business for a long time and it shows. They know what their viewers want. There’s not much to be asked from the app. Arigato, KissAnime!

Should you download it?

Yes.  If you like watching anime without spending a dime, download this app now.

KissAnime GogoAnime Anime TVfor Android


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