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Juno is a ride-sharing app with a unique vision. They treat their drivers better than the competition. A happy employee provides better service, and better service attracts more customers.

Ride sharing New York City style

As Juno creates a worker-friendly environment, the performance of their employees improves. 

Juno is a ride sharing app. It connects the whole New York area. They pride themselves on providing the best treatment for their drivers. This emphasis on the workforce and their happiness attracts the best drivers.

Soon after the launch, Juno went viral. The best thing Juno does for their drivers is to charge them a low commission. The amount Juno receives is 10%. Other competitors take around 30%. As the drivers earn more on Juno, they are more engaging in improving their rides and the service they provide.

Juno is not strict with requirements for drivers. If you are registered as an Uber or Lyft driver, you can make a Juno account. Additionally, they require the minimum driver rating. This ensures that their drivers are of the best quality and most experienced.

Juno's drivers are not asked to rate customers. What they can do is to unmatch with a passenger. If they do that, they will never ride him/her again. This system ensures that both sides avoid uncomfortable encounters.

Juno offers three types of rides: Bliss, Lux, and SUV. Bliss is the budget option, and Lux is the premium option with sedans. SUV is for the larger group rides.

Where can you run this program?

Juno is compatible with both Android and iOS. The software is not high-tech demanding. You can also run it with older phones.

Is there a better alternative?

There are no better alternatives in New York. Juno took over the scene in such a short time for a reason. Quickly they attracted the best workforce, and they provide high-quality service.

Our take

Juno made an impact on the New York scene soon after its launch, leaving Uber and Lyft in their wake. Their rise in ranks was swift, but not undeserved.

Should you download it?

Yes, for ride sharing in New York this is a good option. 


  • Excellent driving services
  • Better conditions for drivers
  • Decent layout


  • Drivers with low ratings are creating new fake profiles

Juno - A New Way to Ridefor Android


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